Eating on the dark side

Eating on the dark side? Use Food-tuition.

What! You are cheating on your diet? Diet infidelity happens. I understand, I

Refined Sugar and Carbs

Eating on the dark side

am human also.

I want to help guide you when you go to the dark side and eat foods that are more stressful to our body. Which foods are these? Look at the eating right diet and you will see.

If you are in tune with your body you will feel your limits on many things. This is intuition. Everyone has some. The more you recognize it the more you can use it.

Some people are not in touch with their body and may just eat and eat things that are not healthy for them. When you do the eating right diet for even a few weeks, you will become in tune with what is good for your body and what is not good for your body.

The healthier you eat, the more you will not feel good when you eat foods that are not healthy.  You will eventually develop that intuition that I am talking about. We have been eating bad food for so long that we don’t feel that ill effects that they have on our body and more. It’s not your fault, you have become numb to it. But there is a solution. Start eating right for just a few weeks or a month and you will start to feel how some foods cause you to not feel well.

Look, if you are like me you were fed sugars, starches and chemicals at a young age. Look at the ingredients in baby foods. This is ridiculous! I’m sure that you were rewarded as a child with sweets, ice cream, candy, etc… And then when you were “bad” you were told that you couldn’t have these addictive, evil foods.

You may have had some reactions to these foods as a child and  your parents didn’t know what to make of it. Allergic reactions, fatigue, mood swings, angry outbursts. Just watch any young child that is fed sugar and give it 10-20 minutes. You will see a change if they are in tune with their body.

But what if someone feels ok when they eat these foods?

With prolonged exposure to what is not good for us we deaden our senses and become numb to it.  It’s similar to putting a frog in a pot of room temperature water and slowly turning up the heat. It doesn’t realize that it’s cooking to death. But when you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will jump out because it can feel the heat.

We have been slowly having the heat turned up on us for our whole lives. If you reset your body by being vigilant and eating right for a few weeks to a month you will feel the difference. You will also lose fat and feel better.

Then you have your guide, your barometer, your intuition.

I do eat right most of the time. But I am human and I sometimes go to the dark side. This is what I do when I go there:

  • When you are eating something that that is not healthy for you, listen to your body
  • Your mouth may say that it tastes REALLY good, but there is a point where your body (gut, heart, etc…) says, “that is enough”
  • At this point… STOP! Stop eating what you are stuffing in your face
  • Be happy that you felt you intuition and that you will still feel good later or in the morning

I use this when I do something like eat pizza ( I haven’t had any in over a month), sweets, carbs or even foods that are in the eating right category. I may start eating the slice of pizza and 2/3 of the way through I may get a feeling of “that’s enough!” and I know to stop here.

Don’t be mislead by cravings

Some people think that the cravings that they have are the same as their intuition. They are very different! Would your intuition really be telling you to eat that one pound slice of double chocolate cake? I don’t think so. “But it’s organic double chocolate cake”. I don’t care. It still has some form of sugar and carbs… and Chocolate is an intestinal irritant. Just realize there are differences between food cravings and your intuition.

Here are some other tips for embracing your shadow side of eating:

  • Eat healthy food before and after you eat something that is not good for you, don’t go on a “binge”
  • Drink water after your food has digested, about an hour
  • If you are not feeling good after, take a walk. Hippocrates, the greek philosopher and father of medicine said that walking is man’s best medicine (woman’s too!)
  • Eat evil foods that are made with the most natural ingredients possible. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. I actually think regular sugar is better for you than most artificial sweeteners. (But whole cane sugar would be even better)
  • Don’t eat bad foods when you are stressed or not feeling well. When you feel good and healthy, you body can handle these things better. Carbs and sugar deplete your immune system

So there it is. It happens. We do eat things that are not good for us, just listen to your body and know when to stop.

Eat good foods before and after, don’t binge on bad food. Stay active, exercise helps the digestion, hormones and blood sugar to work better. And make sure that your are not coming down with a cold, stressed out or emotionally off kilter what your are not eating good things. And don’t let me catch you!

Then get back to eating right, soon.

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Butter benefits

Butter is a health food.

I recently saw this article by Dr Vikki Petersen. DC, CCN called, “Why I Frequently Allow Butter on a Dairy Free Diet” and I thought it was great. For years I have been telling my patients the same things that Dr. Petersen has about eating right.

I preach to avoid dairy products in general (milk, cheese, cream, ice cream,

Butter is better

Butter does the body good

yogurt, etc…) except butter.

One of the problems with dairy products in general is the protein casein. This protein is used in glues, paints, plastics and fibers and in cheese making. Casein is thought to be a highly problematic, may cause allergic and sensitivity reactions in people who eat it.

A California chiropractor, Dr. Twogood, found that casein can be a cause of headaches, back and neck pain. He also observed that patients with chronic joint pain and arthritic symptoms are often allergic to milk products. In addition, milk allergy, like other food allergies, can be responsible for a myriad of other symptoms ranging from irritable bowel syndrome, chronic ear infections, fatigue, anemia, ADD in children, depression and anxiety.

So why is butter OK then?

The butter is separated, taken off of the top of the whole milk. The solid proteins that contain the Casein sink down in the milk. By the time the butter and milk separate, the casein has dropped down into the milk portion. Butter hardly contains any Casein.

Butter benefits…

In Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD’s article “Why Butter Is Better” they tell us that butter actually protects us from many diseases.

  • Butter protects you from heart disease (contrary to popular opinion)
  • Butter improves the health of your adrenal glands and thyroid
  • Butter also helps with with your cholesterol metabolism
  • Butter helps to protect your cells as an antioxidant
  • Butter protects you against cancer
  • Butter is essential for a healthy immune system
  • Butter improves your bone health
  • Butter is important for healthy digestion
  • And more…

Stay away from butter impostors…

I recommend that the best things to use with your food is butter and/or a high quality olive oil. Any thing else can be deadly. Stay away from trans fats, margarine, vegetable oil, corn oil and other mystery spreads. I’m net even trusting coconut oil or palm oil yet.

In general use simple foods that are not constructed in a laboratory and you will be healthier and thinner.  Eat whole natural, organic, fresh foods in general. You will feel much better.

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Grains and the decline of human health

One of the biggest lies of humanity, “grains are healthy”

This is one of those times where our big heads have gotten us in big trouble.

No Grain

Avoid Grains for Health

There was a point in human history where most of the large mammals in europe (between 20,000 t0 10,000 years ago) disappeared and the humans switched to hunting more birds.

This is also the time where we found evidence of the beginning of agriculture. From this point on in history we have found out from studying human remains that we began to have tooth problems, bone problems and hardening of our arteries.

We were in a period where our food supply changed, which happens regularly in nature, and we discovered that we could start growing plants that gave us a high amount of calories, and that could be stored, but were nutrient deficient and even contain things called “anti-nutrients” which rob our body of nutrients.

This was the turning point in history where we moved form eating a very large variety of foods, because we were hunters and gatherers, to a dramatically reduced variety of foods. This is because when we started growing food and keeping livestock, we would only eat what plants we were growing or the animals that we learned how to domesticate. Variety of foods means a broader amount of nutrients.

Grains can’t be that bad for us, we are told they should make up the bulk of our diet.

Grains can be related to many of the health concerns that we are facing today in modern society.

Grains are also lacking in nutrients that are vital for out health…

There are actually naturally occurring chemicals in grains called Phytic Acids that block absorption of very important mineral in the intestines such as…

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • and more…

These are vital nutrients that we are told we should have in our diet!

It is essential to avoid grains in your diet if you want to eat right.

Yes we are living longer today because of our modern technology but we are not healthier. Do you really want to live longer if you have chronic pain, if you can’t walk, if you are over weight, if you have emotional problems that prevent you form enjoying life? The sooner you cut grains out of your diet the better you will be. The better you will feel!

If you want to read more about The Awful Truth About Eating Grains in detail click here!

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Food affects Mood

Food and emotions

Food affects Mood. What you eat can affect the way you feel

Food and Behavior. What you eat can cause mood swings, depression, anxiety and more.

Have you ever eaten something and shortly after you didn’t feel well. Maybe you felt a bit spacey, irritated, short tempered or anxious. Maybe you haven’t eaten in several hours and were hungry and you’ve would have mood swings or depression. These can all be related to the way you eat.

What you eat directly affects the way you feel. I think that anyone who goes through any type or counseling, therapy or psychology/psychiatry treatment should have their diet evaluated. I evaluate the diet of every single one of my patients. And if they have a down turn in their health I bring up the question of what they are eating again and reinforce it’s importance.

One theory about emotions deals with “neurotransmitters” that balance brain chemistry (ex: Serotonin, GABA, Melatonin, Oxytocin, Epinephrine, etc…).

Most neurotransmitters are made in the gut (thus the phrase, “I have a gut feeling”). The Food you eat affects the gut also and thus can affect the emotions. Sugar,Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Soy and trans fats or rancid oils are the the biggest types of things that you eat that can cause emotional problems form the gut to the brain’s neurotransmitters. These foods cause imbalances and problems in the gut and in turn can upset the production of the neurotransmitters. This is one reason why eating right is important for your emotional health.

Are you eating good healthy meats and good healthy fats daily? Vegans and vegetarians can actually have more anger and people who have cholesterol that is too low can gravitate toward violence. The amino acids and good healthy fats are needed in the production of neurotransmitters.

Another factor affecting your emotional well being that is related to the way you eat is your blood sugar balance. We know that there is an enormous diabetic problem in the US. There are also many people who have functional blood sugar type problems that are not considered pathological or at the state of disease yet. The thing is that even though some people’s blood sugar levels are in the “normal” ranges and may not be in the diabetic state, they may be causing other problems that are not diagnosable. When our blood sugar surges up and down, or keep going up and down like a roller coaster, it causes fluctuations in our metabolism and biochemistry and cause many emotional problems. This can lead to depression, anxiety, mood swings and more. This is why it is important to eat right, avoid Sugar,Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Soy and trans fats and rancid oils, and to snack often through out the day.

Eating smaller meals, more often during the day and waiting to eat when you are hungry has also been shown to improve your state of emotional well being.

Now please realize that when you are stressed and feeling emotional, you will gravitate toward eating things that are not good for you. This is the worst time to do it. When you are stressed or emotional your body is not in a stable place to deal with foods that will really screw you up. When you eat when you are stressed and emotional, it makes the problem much, much worse.

If you are going to eat something that you know is not good for you (there are holidays, birthdays, special occasions and traveling to Italy of course), make sure that you are feeling happy and healthy. Your body can handle the stress of it much more this way. And make sure that you eat a good meal before and after you have something that is not good for you.

To hear more about food and behavior listen to the May 6th, 2011 Get Fit Now Radio show with Eleni K. and Me by clicking here now:

To feel better emotionally make sure that you are eating right, avoid Sugar,Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Soy and trans fats and rancid oils, and to snack often through out the day. Even for people who have severe emotional health issues, eating right can work wonders in conjunction with professional treatment.

If you are not feeling like life is fulfilling, it may just be that you diet is not fulfilling. Try eating right and see what happens!

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Water that is good for you

Healthy Water

Water is essential for health

Water is essential.

First of all, many people don’t drink water on a daily basis at all. For me this is hard to understand. For many others, they may think, “what is the big deal?” There are so many people that think just because they drink vitamin waters, sports drinks, soft drinks, sweetened drinks, iced tea, tea, coffee, double-vanilla-hazelnut-lowfat-with whip-latte’s that they are satisfying the needs of their body. WRONG.

It doesn’t work that way. We need to drink water. Clean, pure water is essential for the proper functioning of our body. Your body is mostly made up of water so you can see why I’m telling you that water is essential for you to be healthy.

How to use water to get a healthy body:

  • Drink 1 liter (or about 1 quart) of water for every 50 pounds of body weight. for example, if you weigh 150 pounds you should drink 3 liters (or about 3 quarts) of water a day
  • Drink water first thing when you wake up in the morning. You are the most dehydrated first thing in the morning. This is the most important time to drink water.
  • Drink steam distilled water (SmartWater is steam distilled with electrolytes) or a very good quality filtered water (avoid water filtered with a “reverse osmosis” filtration systems). Tap water and well water are off limits unless it is filtered or steam distilled (only drink well water that is steam distilled).
  • Drink water in between your meals, not while you are eating. Drinking any fluids while you are eating will dilute you digestive juices that you require to digest your food completely.
  • Drinking water on an empty stomach will actually help your digestion.
  • Good quality sparkling mineral water in a glass bottle can be ok to drink, but you shouldn’t make it your only source of water.
  • Drinking water helps your body to flush out all sorts of nasty stuff and detoxify.
  • If you live an active lifestyle, drink plenty of water during the day, not just when you exercise. It takes time for your body to hydrate. To drink water only when you are working out means that you are working out dehydrated.
  • Drinking water can help you lose weight. You will be flushing out toxins that cause you to retain water weight. And you will be drinking less diet and regular soft drinks, juices, sweetened artificial powdered instant drinks and all that other crap that causes you to gain weight because you are drinking water.

Drink water, not flavored, colored, sweetened, caffeinated, fortified impostors.

Listen to this episode of Get Fit Now Radio to hear Eleni K. and I talk about the importance of drinking water.



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Limits for food advertising for children

Advertising for fast food and junk food is being considered a problem. 

Limits for food advertising for children

Dangerous food for children


Children see something that is “fun” and that their peers are doing and they want to do it too. For years the advertising of cereal, soda, snacks and fast food has been causing huge problems with the health of the children of the US. Now the federal government has announced new guidelines to overhaul the food industry’s advertising toward children. We are finally realizing that there is a problems with these artificial foods that we are feeding children. they are poison!

The advertising firms and large food corporations know that if you make a food fun and colorful in advertising that children are going to want it and most parents will go along with it not considering the long term damage they are doing to their children. This is really evil. These foods are ruining the health of many youngsters.

Food colorings, sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings, “Enriched” grains, “Fortified” foods, trans fats are all responsible for the obesity, A.D.D., emotional problems, allergies, learning disabilities and earlier and earlier onset of type 2 diabetes that are so common with children in our modern age.

These foods cause blood sugar problems, toxicity problems, shorter attentions spans, mental irritation, immune system problems and much more.

The best way to help your children is to have your whole family do a eating right diet. Fresh, whole foods that are nutritious and healthy for you and your children.

For more about this see: “Obama’s Food Marketing Crackdown.”

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Paleo eating = eating right?

Paleolithic dieting, can it be wrong?

Can eating the way our ancestors ate be wrong for us? I doubt it. I don’t think you would be here reading this if your ancestors were not eating right. People are still pushing the USDA food pyramid philosophy of how we should eat (mostly grains and starches and low fat). Yet the obesity and diabetes rate in the US is worse than ever. We are being steered into the wrong direction.

If we learn how to eat the way our ancestors did, before the invention of agriculture (which is but a tiny speck on the timeline of human history) we will be a much healthier race of mammals.

Here is some information on how we have been eating before the advent of agriculture:

Paleolithic Diet: Missing Link to Weight Loss and The Reversal of

The Paleolithic Diet is well researched and supported by DNA evidence that is 40000 years old. In those 40000 years our genetic makeup has changed ~.02%. We are virtually the same today as our predecessors 40000 years ago and our …

Publish Date: 04/30/2011 22:30

What Variations Between Paleo Diet and Modern Diets – Paleo Diet

The hint of a Paleolithic Diet devise will be a notice which a sport as great as entertainment lifestyle of antiquated people was most some-more variable to a epoch make-up, than nowaday diets are. Purity isn’t a usually component which …

Publish Date: 05/02/2011 7:49

Information on the Paleo Or Caveman Diet Plan | Best Weight loss

The caveman food plan is in addition in some cases known as the Paleolithic diet. the Palaeolithic healthy eating plan targets on the sort of foods which will have been available for individuals in existence within the Stone Age, …

Publish Date: 05/02/2011 9:00

GOOD Asks the Experts: Is The “Paleolithic Diet” Really Better

Should we try to eat like an early hominin? And what did our evolutionary ancestors actually eat, anyway? GOOD talks to four experts.

Publish Date: 03/16/2011 10:00

Chart: The Paleolithic Diet vs. the Modern American Diet – Food – GOOD

Many of the foods we evolved to eat are contributing to our modern health problems. Should we be looking to our evolutionary past for answers?

Publish Date: 03/17/2011 4:00

Paleo Diet? How the Gluten-Free. Paleolithic Diet Can Change Your

If you were to take a look at a diagram of the food pyramid from the 1970’s, you will see that its base (where the BULK of your calorific.

Publish Date: 04/10/2011 1:16

Start to eat right for better health. We are not designed to eat a diet largely composed of grains, sugar, artificial ingredients,chemicals and that lacks good sources of fresh vegetables, fruit, fat, protein and good clean water.

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Diet Plans

Do you cringe when you hear the word “Diet”?

What do you think of when you hear the word Diet?

  • Diet plans?
  • Diet Pills?
  • Eating only salads for the rest of your life?

Here is one definition for diet: “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”

Here is another: “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons”

Origins of the word diet: “ORIGIN Middle English : from Old Frenchdiete (noun), dieter (verb), via Latin fromGreek diaita ‘a way of life.’”

“A WAY OF LIFE”, here is what the word was meant to be.

I know that you probably get that tight feeling in your stomach and get ready to run away screaming when you hear the word “diet”. Maybe you have images of medieval bondage and only being able to eat small portions of bland food in order to lose weight or for some medical condition.

Let me tell you what I have been doing for over a decade for myself and my patients. I eat tasty meats, eggs, vegetables, and sometimes fruit. I eat enough in a sitting until I feel satisfied (but not stuffed). I have a snack ever few hours. I don’t starve myself, I don’t live off of low fat foods or small portions of greens. I have a very broad range of what I can eat and when I get bored I take a look on and find something new to make that are within the eating right guidelines.

People think that a diet should be some sort of restriction of calories or fat. That you should starve yourself. This is actually not heathy. It is better to eat smaller meals but we should also snack ever few hours so that we are satisfied.

When you restrict the how many times you eat a day, your body goes into “starvation mode”. When this happens your body says, “there isn’t much food coming down here. When it does come down we should store it as fat for the future. Just incase we don’t get any for a while again”.

If you eat ever few hours your body has a different dialog with itself, “there is food coming down on a regular basis. Let’s just use it up for energy and we don’t need to store any for the future as fat”.

If a diet is supposed to be a way of life you should be eating food that is healthy for you. Food that we have been designed to eat. As Humans we have habitually, as a community, been eating meats, veggies and fruit that are in season. This is what humans have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years. And we have been drinking water. This is also an important part that is missed. This is eating right. This should be a life style.
We shouldn’t be eating mostly grains, eating and drinking dairy (butter is ok because it doesn’t have casein in it). We shouldn’t be eating refined sugar, or refined, fortified, enriched foods in general. These are artificial foods. And they make us fat, unproductive, sick and slowly kill us.
Diet=”a way of life”. A way of life should be life giving. Eating right is life giving. You shouldn’t be living off of a diet plan. You should eat,”the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”. You should be living a way of life.
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Fortified food = veneered food

Foods that are “fortified” with synthetic vitamins are veneered. You know what a veneer is right? It is a thin artificial covering on something that mimics the real thing that is of better quality. Like when you go to a cheaper furniture store like IKEA (I’m not knocking IKEA, there is a time and a place for their furniture) and you buy a table that has a nice covering that mimics something like “Birch” but underneath it is really made of a cheaper substance like particle board. There is a cosmetic veneer that looks like natural birch.

Most processed foods are like this. They have flavorings and added fortified vitamins and minerals (the veneer) and underneath there is no real nutritional value.

The taste makes makes us crave the artificial food. Then we are told that it is healthy because it is “Fortified” with the vitamins, minerals, fats, and protein that should be there naturally to begin with but were denatured in the processing of the food.

What type of foods am I talking about? Any packaged food that doesn’t go bad for a while like protein and nutritional bars, cereals, baked goods, any processed grains, milk, cookies, candy, juices, any foods that show “fortified” or “enriched” ingredients like vitamins, minerals, etc… These junk foods are usually not good for you because they are filling you up with synthetic nutrients and calories that are devoid of nutritional value.

When you fill yourself with calories that don’t have nutritional vale (empty calories) these usually get stored as fat.

Why are synthetic not good for you?

Synthetic nutrients are not functioning nutrients.

Look at your computer right now. It is “functioning” because you’re reading this! Now imagine that you gave a scientist you computer and had them analyze what it is made of. They would tell you the percentages of plastic, metal, wires, etc… what ever they found your computer to be made up of.

Now imagine that you took a very large and heavy hammer and pulverized your computer to tiny, tiny little pieces. OUCH! Now you can gather up all of these pieces (don’t miss any) and bring it back to the scientist and have all of the pieces analyzed again to see what is there.

If you gathered up all of the pieces the scientist should say that all of the same materials are there in the same percentages…right? But does your computer work any more….NO!

This is what happens with nutrients. Large food corporations get cheap food, process it for a longer shelf life, taste, economical production and “enrich” or “fortify” it with nutrients that were destroyed during the processes of manufacturing or that weren’t there in the first place because of the inferior quality of the food. The nutrients that are put into the food aren’t whole functioning nutrients (like your computer when it was working), instead they are the pieces of the nutrients that aren’t functioning (like the smashed up version of your computer).

These fortified substances don’t work as well as the natural whole foods and in some cases are bad for us.

Take “Vitamin C” for example. The FDA sees Vitamin C as “ascorbic acid”. But Vitamin C in whole food form, the way it is in nature, has ascorbic acid in it but it is just the protective layer to the rest of the vitamin. There is also tyrosinase, bioflavinoids, K factors, and much more. When you take synthetic Vitamin C over a long time it needs all of these co-factors to be used by your body. Eventually the synthetic Vitamin C will use up all of the co-factors that you have stored up in your body and you will develop a deficiency of this vitamin because you used up all of the co-factors that are needed to process it.

Synthetic B vitamins can give you a Vitamin B deficiency, Same with Vitamin E and others.

In general eat whole, fresh foods. If it is made by man in a factory or laboratory you probably shouldn’t be eating it. These artificial foods may taste great and come with lots of promises but they have a veneer. Under that veneer there isn’t much that is useful for the body. If we eat these veneered foods enough will will be getting fat, sick and slowly start dyeing.

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Sugar makes you fat

It’s the sugar that makes you fat, not the fat.

Why can’t people eat or dink something without it being sweetened? You go to any coffee shop and people aren’t usually ordering coffee. They are ordering dessert with some coffee in it.

Every “nutritional bar” has sweeteners in it. The newest ones that are “designed by nutritionalist” use “organic agave”. But didn’t they see the independent research coming out about how agave sweeteners are just as bad as HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS)?

HFCS is much worse than refined sugar. And so are most of the ingredients in any diet soda and most “no sugar” processed foods that use sugar substitutes.

There is even added cane sugar in “organic” chicken or beef stock. Why??? Why do we need sweeteners in our chicken or beef stock?

Sugar should be classified as a controlled substance. The human race is hooked on it and it is probably one of the biggest causes of problems like obesity and other major diseases in the US. It should be taxed to help with our health care (I want to call it disease care) system.

If you eat healthy fats in a whole food form and you are active your body should use it to burn for energy, for hormone building blocks in the body and more.

When you eat sugar, or it’s substitutes, your body starts burning sugar for energy and starts storing the fat. Let me say this another way also just incase you didn’t get it. When you eat a diet that regularly  contains sugar (this includes carbohydrates like bread, pasta, potatoes, cookies, muffins, pastries, etc…) your body is going to burn sugar to function and not the fat. It will then store the fat because it is not using it for energy.

So remember, just because you get your vanilla, hazelnut, latte with non-fat milk doesn’t mean that it’s going to help you shed pounds. Even if you get it with splenda instead of sugar you are going to be using sugar instead of fat for energy and thus storing fat. Even if you eat a low fat diet-your body will store your other foods that you are eating as fat. That is just the way it is.

If you think about how we might of eaten hundreds of thousands of years ago, the only sugary foods that we would of encountered are fruits that were in season and maybe honey. Think this way to eat right.

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