But I feel better when I eat carbs

I talked to a couple people yesterday socially and in my practice who asked me why they feel like they have more energy when they eat carbs.

When you have been eating carbs for a long period of time… or your whole life you body is operating through it’s sugar metabolism system to provide you energy and this creates a “sympathetic nervous system” dominance.

Sympathetic nervous system = fight or flight reaction

  • primitive part of the nervous system used in emergencies
  • was very useful in primitive times for animal attacks, tribal wars, hunting, etc…
  • burns sugar
  • short term energy
  • decreases healing
  • decreases

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Diet willpower

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Discover Your Inner Pharmacy

You Inner Pharmacy has your health solutions!

You Inner Pharmacy

Your Inner Pharmacy has your health solutions

I have always believed that you can take charge of your health in a major way by adjusting your lifestyle (the way you eat, exercise and live you life). Dr. Robert Blaich, who introduced me to the holistic medicine concepts that I use today, wrote a book to show you how to take charge of your health. It explains how you can tap into your own body’s ability to produce the right chemicals to have health and wellbeing.

Your body is able to maintain it’s health on it’s own. You have an inner pharmacy which produces “good” chemicals that keep you healthy. These good chemicals reduce inflammation which is the cause of most pain, illness and disease. But sometimes, the pain can flare and would become intolerable, and these chemicals solely wouldn’t suffice for the alleviation. Many websites like www.neuropathycure.org/ come to the rescue of ailing patients when it comes to assuaging the pain, particularly of the back.

If you have an imbalance of the chemicals that your inner pharmacy produces you may have health problems like these:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Mood disorders
  • Arthritis

Why do we have a national health care crisis?

There is a major problem with health care in the United States. Do you know that 75% of health care dollars in the US are spent on chronic disease. These chronic diseases are causes by not eating right, not exercising properly and having high stress levels. Yes chronic disease is caused by bad lifestyle choices.

Do you want a nationalized health care system where 75% of the money goes to disease that is avoidable? Chronic diseases are things that you develop because your body is breaking down as a result of lifestyle. Acute disease is something that you catch like a bacterial or viral infection.

If you knew how to take care of you own health so that you would not have a problem with chronic disease, then the United States wouldn’t have a health care crisis. Your body can overcome these chronic diseases if it can function properly

How do you get these good chemicals for your body?

The raw building blocks for these good chemicals for our body comes from food. Often people are eating food that is causing a sensitivity and this in turn can cause inflammation.

Different people get different health problems from inflammation depending on their genetic predisposition. In some it may develop in the joints as arthritis, in some it may be in the heart, or as diabetes.

Foods we eat frequently can overload our body’s ability to process them. Refined foods and foods with additives and chemicals also cause sensitivities

Common rules of food sensitivities:

  • Foods that you crave
  • Foods that you eat daily

When you change your diet and rotate the foods that you eat for variety, you take away the source of inflammation.

To learn more listen to Get Fit Now Radio’s interview with Dr. Robert Blaich by clicking here.http://getfitportland.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/sept-20th-2011-your-inner-pharmacy-wdr-blaich/

To read Your Inner Pharmacy by Dr. Robert Blaich Click Here Now!

On Sunday October 9th, 2011 Dr. Robert Blaich will be doing a workshop in Portland, Oregon.

Seminar brochure and location Click Here Now!

Register at http://www.bioticsnw.com or call (800) 636-6913.

Dr. Robert Blaich’s bio Click Here


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Tea may not be “Healthy”

Dirty little secrets about tea!

A Dirty little secret about tea.

In my experience tea can be more toxic than coffee.

Over the years of being in practice and teaching health care professionals I have found a dirty little secret… most people think that tea is “Healthy”. In fact, many sources demonize coffee and push people toward drinking tea, not only as a caffeine delivery mechanism, but for medicinal purposes.

In general, what I have found and what some of my colleagues and mentors have found is that tea is generally more toxic than a good quality black coffee.

What are the problems with tea?

  • Tea in general has a greater surface area than coffee so it can absorb and retain more toxins in the air and water.
  • Even though a tea may be labeled “Organic” it may still have deadly manmade pesticides and chemicals in it.
  • Countries where we get tea from still make chemicals like DDT or their environments are so polluted that the tea leaves easily pick it up.

Here is an article by Frances Cerra Whittelsey titled, “What’s in your green tea”


What about Herbal Tea?

Herbs are potent directors to the metabolism of your body. Most people think that herbal teas are a safe caffeine free alternative to black or green tea but as you can see below in some examples that I have listed, they can cause your body to go into an unfavorable direction. When it comes to health and body image there are other ways like getting a korean plastic surgery to look younger.  

  • EX: Chamomile tea relaxes the nervous system. It can relax the digestive valves (ileocecal valve is the important one) and cause them to stay open which creates you small intestine to be invaded with toxins from you colon. This can lead to may chronic health problems.
  • EX: Green tea can act like “speed” to stressed out adrenal glands and assist in adrenal exhaustion.
  • EX: If you have adrenal exhaustion and you regularly drink “detox tea” you can cause even more adrenal stress because it will release toxins into a body that already can’t handle much more stress.

In my practice, where I use kinesiological testing (click here to see more), I have taken more people off of tea than coffee to help with their health issues.

What should you do?

I recommend that people not drink too much green tea, for the fact that is can stress out already impaired adrenal glands and for the fact that pesticides and other toxins can be a problem. I feel that black tea can be better if you need something to start your morning.

If you want to drink herbal teas, don’t do it on a regular basis, rotate between several different kinds so that you are not creating a specific change in you physiology that may not be good for you. If you want something warm without the caffeine, have some hot water with lemon, orange, honey, and with some light spice type ingredients (ex: cinnamon, nutmeg, etc…) may be fine!

If you are drinking tea, recognize how you feel after you have a cup. Do you feel spacey, tired, dizzy, moody, foggy thinking, heart palpitations, heat flush, skin rashes, swollen glands, headache, visual problems or maybe have digestive problems after? If you experience these or similar problems after drinking your tea you might want to try and avoid that particular tea. try not having it for two weeks and try it again and see if it causes problems again. If so don’t drink it.

Have you had any of these experiences with tea? Let me know and comment below!

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Poly Cystic Ovary Disease (PCOS)

Eating right puts the breaks on PCOS

Eating right can restore health

Eating right can restore health

I have started the eating right diet website because I know that this is a great way to empower people to help themselves. In my years of working with patients in a holistic medicine practice with applied kinesiology and chiropractic (click here to see more), I have found that the easiest way for someone to take control of their health is with the food they eat.

I believe that we are by default extremely healthy creatures but the food that we eat, environment that we live in and the mental programming that we get from society is what causes health issues and disease.

I just read a great article about how using a “Paleolithic Diet”, which is what the eating right diet is, can help women suffering with Poly Cystic Ovary Disease (PCOS). Click here to see the article on Paleo Digest.

What is PCOS?

This is a condition that exists because there is a hormonal imbalance involving the ovaries. There are many symptoms that this can cause. Here are some of them:

  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Pelvic pain
  • Infertility
  • Depression
  • Skin problems
  • Obesity
  • Female facial hair

How does this happen?

There are many reasons why this happens. Here are a few that I have observed in my practice:

  • Blood sugar imbalances (problems from eating refined sugar)
  • Eating refined carbohydrates and artificial foods
  • Food sensitivities
  • Stress
  • Not enough sleep
  • Spinal and pelvic misalignment
  • Acupuncture meridian imbalances
  • and more…

As you can see the top 3 reasons that I listed above are diet related. The good news is you have the power to do something about this!

If you know someone with PCOS you must forward this article to them so that they know what to do or share it with your friends on your favorite social networking site.

Eating right can help their body to function better again. In my point of view when your body is allowed to work properly again, all sorts of health problems solve themselves.

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What are “healthy” snacks?

Snacking that is Really healthy

Are these good snacks?

Are these good snacks?

Most people think that healthy snacks are things like nuts, seeds or nutrition bars. These foods can cause health problems.

Nuts and seeds are as close to nature in terms of snack foods, and are high in fiber and protein but they are not that good for your digestive tract.

Nuts and seeds contain a naturally occurring chemical called phytic acid. These phytic acids block absorption of minerals in your small intestine. Minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc. are very important for your health. So you can see why continually having these phytic acids in you digestive tract is not a healthy choice.

Ileocecal Valve Syndrome

The nuts and seeds can also cause problems with the Ileocecal valve that separates your large intestine from your small intestine. If the ileocecal valve loses it’s integrity and can not hold a healthy seal between the large intestine and small intestine you will have toxicity problems. This can lead to digestive disturbances, pain, inflammation, back problems, immune system problems and much more.

Nutrition Bars don’t do the body good

Most nutrition bars on the market are not really “health foods”. They contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, chocolate, soy proteins, nuts, seeds, grains, agave nectar, and many other things that will decrease the health of your digestive tract, liver and blood sugar and endocrine system. Even though they might advertise that they are “organic” or “natural” don’t be fooled. Read the ingredients carefully. If you are just not going to stop eating nutrition bars these are the best ones that I recommend:

  • Standard Process “Standard Bar” (only sold through health care professionals)
  • Lara Bar
  • Organic Food Bar (only the original formula has not agave nectar)

What the @$%# can I snack on then?

Here are some great snacks that are healthier for you than the above:

  • Baby Carrots
  • Celery
  • Cherry plumb tomatoes
  • Radishes
  • Other cut up veggies
  • Avocado
  • Fruit (if you are not trying to lose a lot of weight or get over a big health issue)
  • Olives
  • Pickled veggies
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Mini frittatas
  • Organic and natural beef, turkey, or salmon jerky
  • Natural bacon
  • Natural sliced meats
  • Natural sausages -precooked and sliced can be convenient
  • Shrimp
  • Chicken tenders
  • Lettuce wraps (with meats and or veggies inside)

Get the idea? There are more things along these lines, just make sure that you stick to the Eating Right Diet.

Do you have any snacks that you enjoy that are really healthy? Let us know… I don’t know it all you know!

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Which carbs are worst?

Some carbs are better than others

which carbs are worst?

Which carbs are worst?

I have been eating mostly low carb for over a decade and there are times when carbs happen. If you are stuck with having to make a decision about what types of carbs to eat I want to give you my personal opinion about what is best.

Carbs that are less of an evil:

  • Potatoes have a high glycemic index. One large potato has about the same amount of sugar in it as a can of coca cola. Although with the potato you are only dealing with the sugar issue and you don’t have to worry about any anti-nutrients. It’s best to eat the potato with the skin so that you will get some beneficial nutrients.
  • Rice like potatoes turns into sugar in your body but again you are not dealing with the issues of anti-nutrients. Brown rice is best because it has more vitamins and co-factos to help your body.

Carbs that you should avoid:

  • Wheat has the problem of turning into sugar but there is also the factor of gluten and phytic acids which are really not good for you. Foods with high amounts of wheat in them include:
    • Pasta
    • Bread
    • Cookies
    • Cake
  • Corn used to not be too bad but so much of it is now genetically modified that it is causing more and more health problems.
Basically I recommend doing the eating right diet as much as possible but if you get stuck I would say that rice or potatoes are much better alternatives to grains and corn (although I don’t think that rice and potatoes are good for regular consumption). 

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know…



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Wheat can cause emotional problems

Food and Behavior

In Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology philosophy we have go by a triad of health. This triad of health consists of 3 factors of health.

  • Structural
  • Biochemical
  • Emotional

If one is side of this triad is imbalanced it can effect the others. Here we are looking at the example of how the biochemical effects the emotional. And we will be looking at in particular how food effects the emotions.

Contrary to popular beliefs and propaganda, grains are not health foods.

Food and behavior

Wheat can cause emotional problems.

Wheat is one of the worst. There are chemicals in wheat that are not good for us:

  • Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA)
  • Gluten
  • Phytic Acid

There is a major disease called Celiac disease where the negative effects of wheat are very noticeable. Not everyone has Celiac but and there are many other reasons for the general public not to eat wheat. This includes:

  • Inflammation
  • Depressed immune system
  • Nervous system problems
  • Digestive imbalances
  • Endocrine systems imbalances
  • Heart and blood vessel problems

Not to mention that it is a dense carbohydrate. Eating a diet dense in carbohydrates causes stress to you bold sugar and digestion which again can lead back to all of the above.

But the thing that I want to focus on here is the emotional problems that eating wheat can cause.

Yes, you can develop emotional problems from eating certain foods.

This goes back to the Triad of Health that we talked about before. If you stress the biochemical side of the triad enough (Wheat Germ Agglutinin, Gluten, Phytic Acid, Carbohydrates) you can cause an emotional imbalance (and/or structural too). The types of emotional problems that we are talking about are:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood Swings

Have you heard of Serotonin?

Do you know where serotonin is made? It’s mostly made in the digestive tract. They actually call the gut your “second brain”. Wheat causes problems to the digestive tract. This in turn effects serotonin levels in the body. So as you can see if you eat foods to cause digestive problems, you can easily cause emotional problems too.

Here is another example of how the biochemistry effects the emotions. Wheat also effects the endocrine system. Wheat is a dense carbohydrate. Carbohydrates and sugars can stress the endocrine system. Your endocrine system balances your blood sugar and if your blood sugar becomes unstable, so does you emotions.

  • If you blood sugar crashes down you can become depressed
  • If your blood sugar spikes up high you can have anxiety
  • If it bounces up and down you have mood swings or can even seem bipolar

Food and Behavior

Barbara Stitt was on a parole board in Ohio and she found out about the link between the food you eat and your emotions. Mrs. Stitt started to have all of her parolees eat a diet with out wheat, dairy and sugar and she was amazed that over 80% of her parolees stopped committing crimes as long as they stuck to her diet. This about this. What would be the Implications if we changed the present USDA dietary guidelines so that our diets are not supposed to be mostly grains? Society might be a much safer and happier place. She wrote a book called Food and Behavior that I highly recommend reading.

What can you do to avoid wheat?

Read labels. Many sauces do have wheat in them. Also avoid eating pasta, bread, cake, cookies, pastries and similar foods. You can eat many foods without the wheat:

  • Hamburger without the bun. Put it on a bed of salad greens instead.
  • Have veggies with you meats instead of pasta. Sauteed bell peppers, onions, zucchini, greens beans and other vegetables make great substitutes to pasta.
  • Go for a salad with protein on top instead of a sandwich. Beef salad, salmon salad, grilled chicken on a salad are some great alternatives.

Now you can see why it is so important to eat right. Not just for weight loss, or to prevent diabetes or cancer. But eating right can also help with emotional issues and happiness in life.

To see more about the eating right diet click here.

To see Dr. Mercola’s article “3 Ounces of This a Day May Be Harming Your Brain” click here.

To find out about getting treated by Dr. Robert Ciprian, a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist in Portland, Oregon Click Here.

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Whole Foods and monsanto misinformation

USDA forces Whole Foods to accept Monsanto

Whole Foods Monsanto

Genetically modified Crops contaminate organic crops

There has been a lot of confusion about what is going on with Monsanto corporation and Whole Foods Market. There are plenty of Whole Foods “haters” out there that are claiming that the company has been bought out by monsanto (not true, the companies are publicly traded so you can see for yourself) and that Whole Foods Market has agreed to use monsanto’s genetically modified foods.

Basically Genetically Modified (GM) foods are designed to resist monsanto’s pesticide “round up”. But in turn when you mess with mother nature bad things happen. To learn more about what GM foods are and why they are bad for your health look to my older post “Monsanto Buys Our Whole Foods” and to listen on Get Fit Now Radio click here.

The truth of what has happened lies with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Whole Foods has been part of an alliance that has been battling monsanto and regulation of GM foods for years. Monsanto is a very large company with deep pockets and a lot a lobbying power. They were able to fight out the issue much longer becaue they can afford it and they know that it is an investment because they are going to have a monopoly on certain seeds for crops in the US.

So this is what happened

The USDA gave Whole Foods two options or else they would not be able to be in the negotiations any more. The options are:

  1. To allow monsanto to have full control to do as they want to, completely unregulated.
  2. To allow monsanto to do what they want with GM food, but implement some regulation and attempt to control genetically modified organisms (GMO) so that it can co-exist with non-GMO foods.

The problem here is that you can not have natural, organic foods and GMO foods co-exist. They will cross pollinate with the wind. Eventually all crops that are introduced as GMO will contaminate similar non-GMO and organic crops.

Currently these are foods that are Genetically Modified in the US in 2010:

  • 93% Soy
  • 86% Corn
  • 93% Cotton
  • 93% Canola (Rapeseed)

Whole Foods has been a major contributor in the protest against these things. This past battle has been won by monsanto has been for Alfalfa crops.

Not only do we have to worry about organic crops being contaminated but also organic livestock.

After this news got out the Organic Consumers Association said that Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, and Stony Field Farms surrendered to monsanto and began supporting genetic modification. Click here to see Whole Foods Blog. These companies were some of the biggest protestors and used their own money and resources to do so try and stop monsanto. They are not the bad guys. They were battling to help you.

This mis information spread across the internet and created a giant backlash against these companies.

Here is the scoop from FitnessGoop.com

Here is the two earlier post that I have written about this:

Monsanto Buys Out Whole Foods

Whole Foods Say’s It’s Not Affiliated With Monsanto

How can you help and take action?

Click here to ask Obama to stop monsanto.

I always recommend to stay away from the major GMO crops of Soy, Corn and Canola (Rapeseed). For more information on eating right click here to see the eating right diet

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Sugar addiction, 7 tips to help

Sugar Addiction, how to stop it

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction, 7 tips to help you.

I have a huge sugar addiction problem. I guess it’s actually an addiction to sugar, grains and carbs. I just can’t have this stuff in front of me or in my house.

I realize that I am not alone. You probably have some issues like this also. But don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s not your fault. The food industry knows that sugar and carbs can be more addictive than cocaine and they use this as an advantage. I think that sugar should be restricted the same way that tobacco and alcohol are. I’ll leave that political fight up to someone else.

Here is an email that I received from a reader asking for help after reading a post that I wrote on sugar addiction.


You say people need to avoid refined sugar to lose weight. However, you also say sugar is addictive. You’re absolutely right as I can’t stop eating it. I’ve tried countless supplements to improve my body’s nutritional status but this hasn’t helped. I notice that when I eliminate sugar from my diet for a few days, I lose a significant amount of weight. However, once I start eating it again, I binge and gain even more weight than before. Is there a simple solution for ending sugar cravings. Meditation, visualization, drinking excessive amounts of water, eating 6 times a day, etc. doesn’t work. Nothing works except eliminating sugar from my diet and I haven’t been able to do this. Please let me know if you have a proven way to help me end sugar cravings. I’ve seen numerous doctors and none of them have helped me. The last one helped at least reduce the cravings with Acupressure.

Curbing Sugar addiction is not an over night thing. If you can go through at least three weeks without any sugar your body will respond and you will crave it less and less.

Some tips for staying off of sugar:

  1. Don’t keep any in the house. Just don’t buy any refined sugar items. If you don’t have them in the house yo can’t go and get them when you are weak.
  2. Eat salty, but healthy, foods when craving sugar. This works for me. When I am craving sugar I go for something salty that is healthy for me. This can include natural sliced meats like salami, pepperoni, etc… Pickled items like olives, pickles, etc… Organic corn chips (try not to do too many corn chips, not too good for you but better than sugar) or what ever salty foods work for you.
  3. Exercise. Do regular aerobic exercise. This will help to change your metabolism from sugar burning to fat burning.
  4. Inositol. An inositol supplement can help. Take the supplement when you have cravings. I recommend working with a health care specialist to check if this is good for you. I prefer Standard Process brand inositol (and if you take this one chew it).
  5. The Sugar Destroyer Herb: Use the ayurvedic herb “Gymnema”. It’s name literally means “sugar destroyer”. When you are taking Gymnema your blood sugar metabolism can be strengthened and it actually makes sugar taste repulsive to you. I prefer the Medi Herb brand of Gymnema. Work with a health care professional to see if this is right for you.
  6. Get help from your family and friends. Tell them that you are putting in great effort to stop eating sugar and ask for their help. Maybe you can do it together with them. Things like this can be dome easier in groups.
  7. Hang out with people that don’t eat sugar. As many people know who have success in achieving big changes in their lives, you become who you hang around. If you are constantly around people who eat sugar, you will do it too. If you hang out with people who eat healthy you will too.

I always recommend to eat a diet of healthy food while working with sugar addiction. If you don’t put good food into your body you will still crave sugar. To see the eating right diet click here.

Do you have any other tips? I’d love to get some new ones! Let me know…

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