Whole Foods says it’s not affiliated with Monsanto

Monsanto and GMO foods still bad news.

In the previous post I talked about an article on politicolnews.com that had a headline of, “Monsanto buys out Whole Foods – Politicol News” and it said, “Whole Foods -it is now a subsidiary of Monsanto the chemical GMO food supplier.”

I was infuriated by this because i have used Whole Foods Markets for years and have sent my patients there. I searched for more information on this take over but could not find more.

I emailed Whole Foods Market about this today with a link to the article and received a response this afternoon. This was the first line of their response, “Thank you for taking the time to write to Whole Foods Market. We do not have any affiliation with that company.”

I am skeptical of the language and literally of the exact words that were used in the Politiconews.com article but the fact is that we still have to deal with GMO foods.

Updated on June 17, 2011

I received this link from a reader the tells the Whole Foods and Monsanto story very well.


Thank you Susan!

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6 Responses to Whole Foods says it’s not affiliated with Monsanto

  1. Elaine Clermont says:

    The claim should be easy enough to confirm as either or both companies should need to disclose all ownership interests in any and all filings with the SEC, among other governmental agencies. Personally, I’ve been creeped out by the vampiric energy of Whole Foods since the original sale from the original founders and have definitely stopped shopping at Whole Foods after they bought Wild Oats and the debacle that reflected the degraded ethics of Whole Foods in that shift. But, Whole Foods serve a market for those who are not quite yet as sensitive to the wholistic connection of money, food, energy … every place has its place in the transition to a higher vibration. Whole Foods is not my choice for me, but it definitely helps many people find their way to a different way of thinking about food and their bodies.

  2. I do agree Elaine, Whole foods is a great place to start for people who are becoming more aware of what is available to them in life in the natural food realm.

    It is also convenient because they are located in many major cities.

    In a perfect world we would have control of our foods on a large scale but we live in a world that challenges us and we have to have the ability to roll with it and do the best we can… for ourselves and others.

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  4. Faith_heavenly@yahoo.com says:

    After just starting my own research on where food is coming from and who is processing it, I wonder where is the ideal place to get food? I am not financially well off, but I make food and environment a priority. That being said, I am currently not in the place to build my own garden, even though that is the goal I am heading. So is local farmers market the ideal place? I would love some input.

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