Whole Foods and monsanto misinformation

USDA forces Whole Foods to accept Monsanto

Whole Foods Monsanto

Genetically modified Crops contaminate organic crops

There has been a lot of confusion about what is going on with Monsanto corporation and Whole Foods Market. There are plenty of Whole Foods “haters” out there that are claiming that the company has been bought out by monsanto (not true, the companies are publicly traded so you can see for yourself) and that Whole Foods Market has agreed to use monsanto’s genetically modified foods.

Basically Genetically Modified (GM) foods are designed to resist monsanto’s pesticide “round up”. But in turn when you mess with mother nature bad things happen. To learn more about what GM foods are and why they are bad for your health look to my older post “Monsanto Buys Our Whole Foods” and to listen on Get Fit Now Radio click here.

The truth of what has happened lies with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Whole Foods has been part of an alliance that has been battling monsanto and regulation of GM foods for years. Monsanto is a very large company with deep pockets and a lot a lobbying power. They were able to fight out the issue much longer becaue they can afford it and they know that it is an investment because they are going to have a monopoly on certain seeds for crops in the US.

So this is what happened

The USDA gave Whole Foods two options or else they would not be able to be in the negotiations any more. The options are:

  1. To allow monsanto to have full control to do as they want to, completely unregulated.
  2. To allow monsanto to do what they want with GM food, but implement some regulation and attempt to control genetically modified organisms (GMO) so that it can co-exist with non-GMO foods.

The problem here is that you can not have natural, organic foods and GMO foods co-exist. They will cross pollinate with the wind. Eventually all crops that are introduced as GMO will contaminate similar non-GMO and organic crops.

Currently these are foods that are Genetically Modified in the US in 2010:

  • 93% Soy
  • 86% Corn
  • 93% Cotton
  • 93% Canola (Rapeseed)

Whole Foods has been a major contributor in the protest against these things. This past battle has been won by monsanto has been for Alfalfa crops.

Not only do we have to worry about organic crops being contaminated but also organic livestock.

After this news got out the Organic Consumers Association said that Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, and Stony Field Farms surrendered to monsanto and began supporting genetic modification. Click here to see Whole Foods Blog. These companies were some of the biggest protestors and used their own money and resources to do so try and stop monsanto. They are not the bad guys. They were battling to help you.

This mis information spread across the internet and created a giant backlash against these companies.

Here is the scoop from FitnessGoop.com

Here is the two earlier post that I have written about this:

Monsanto Buys Out Whole Foods

Whole Foods Say’s It’s Not Affiliated With Monsanto

How can you help and take action?

Click here to ask Obama to stop monsanto.

I always recommend to stay away from the major GMO crops of Soy, Corn and Canola (Rapeseed). For more information on eating right click here to see the eating right diet

About Dr. Robert Ciprian

Dr. Robert Ciprian is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, On the Board of Certified Teachers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a co-host on Get Fit Now Radio on www.cascadia.fm. For a nutritional consultation or holistic health treatment call 503-222-5509. For seminars and workshops go to www.cipriansystems.com.
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83 Responses to Whole Foods and monsanto misinformation

  1. Allison Dey says:

    tried to sign the petition but it kept kicking out my city and saying the space cannot be blank. tried other cities but it didn’t work. sorry. i tried.

    • Georg says:

      “Food is Free” how about we all stop pointing fingers at who COULD do this or do that to provide fresh healthy food, and take responsibilty by doing it ourselves. Here in Austin Tx we are taking back the rights to free healthy food by rallying with are neighbors to grow small plots of food at every home on the block. We use “Wicking Beds” to combat the hot and dry Texas summers. We are providing an abundance of fresh product and reclaiming our blocks by connecting with our neighbors. It is inspiring to see how many neighbors from other blocks stop in the road when they see 30 people gathered together working on a common food based project! Check out Foodisfree.org :-)

      • Georg says:

        Allison this was inspired more specifically as a response to those complaining about Whole Foods. I am grateful you intended to sign the partition. I do believe it is import to make our voices ring load and clear!

        • Georg says:

          And also …. The website is Foodisfreeproject.org thanks for holding space for myself and all others to share :-) much love light and abundance to you all !

      • david says:

        the website is parked, whatever that means.

      • Heather says:

        Great idea. It does have to begin with citizens standing up and doing it themselves. I’m going to suggest that here in MN.

      • Angel Cope says:

        Love it! Can you send me more information on how to start something like that? The site is empty. I live in Atlanta suburbs and have a small garden in our back yard, but it is not nearly enough. I seriously discuss with my husband and a few friends about buying a plot of land out of a neighborhood and having a large garden that we would all work and share, so this is right up my thought process! =) thanks!

      • Doyle Family says:

        That’s a great idea. During the WWII, the Masster Gardener’s Association came into being, and taught neighborhoods how to grow their own sustainable food plots, and how to maintain and preserve. am a certified MG, and still teach this to local good growers who are involved in community donation outreach programs.

      • Maggie says:

        that’s really nice but eventually there is going to be cross contamination then what???

  2. Tom says:

    Sorry, Don’t buy it, Whole Foods still could have continued to fight, instead they sold us all down the river, will never shop there again!!!

    • Barb says:

      Monsanto is a big mean company with a lot of big mean backers. Whole Foods is not. I think the meanies are winning.

    • Michelle says:

      Tom, feel free to start cutting checks to WF to fight on your behalf, then. We’ll wait. :)

    • Nell says:

      With you Tom. I’ve been avoiding Wholefoods as a member of OCA (Organic Consumer Association). They are first and foremost into profit, not so much into the passion of the organic movement as the local health (as nature intended) food stores.

      • Sandy says:

        The Whole Food’s connection is just a way to get people to notice this problem. It’s unbelievable how the Obama administration has been placing Monsanto employees in key federal positions like the USDA & the FDA, so that our own government not only allows this to happen, it guides the way.

        I am not an Obama basher. I voted for the man…but never again. The American people have been sold out to big business once again. For the Bush admin, it was Halliburton. For the Clintons & Obama administration, it’s Monsanto. When will our leaders realize that the millions they make out of office working for these corporations come at a costly price…our freedom & health?

    • Heather says:

      Really? You think they’ve got the resources that monsanto has? Are you willing to put up the money and join the fight? What have you done to support Whole Foods in this fight? Did you collect money, spread the word, or protest in person?

  3. Since they are not required to label foods as GMO, the only way to make sure that it is not is to buy certified organic foods. Doing this hurts Monsanto’s business. If more people did this Monsanto would be out of business. Also organic means that the foods have not been irradiated and does not have all these nasty chemicals designed to kill insects and other plant life.

    The Trader Joes markets say on their website that all foods with their label on it has no GMO foods.

    • maria says:

      Agree with Chuck! Vote with your dollars! You can buy from whoever you want, hell, I shop at shoprite, and every time I do so I make sure I go to the store manager (who is a delightful gentleman who agrees with me) and commend him on the organic choices the store has and how I would like to see still more. In fact, Shop Rite, at least the one in my neck of the woods , holds an organic farmers market in the store, in the summer! How great is that! While I continue to buy some products in SR, I also shop at TJ, and most of my produce comes from CSA, farmers market and Purple Dragon which has some really nice offerings, so we have choices and the most important thing is to vote with your dollar, support organic whenever possible and your local csa, farmers market and your FARMERS that use no GE or toxic pesticides in thier operations. You can TELL your farmers, thats right, YOUR FARMER, what you WANT and chances are you will get it from them! We the people make the choices, we just have to care more. And be more proactive. And support our grassroots organizations and go out and tell everyone to stop supporting the system that is not working and KILLING us and our planet!

    • Mel says:

      Chuck, maybe you missed that the USDA now ‘owns’ the word ‘ORGANIC’ so basically its worthless now too.


    • joanne says:

      Yea, but is it just a claim or is there a 3 party verification???

  4. GMOpot says:

    Don’t Monsanto & Whore Foods share board members?

  5. Kate says:

    Maybe it will turn out that there’s a way out of this. I refuse to believe that this is over.

  6. PJ Torokvei says:

    “Monsanto; we don’t know what it is but we do know it can’t go bad. Monsanto, a lot like life only longer”

  7. Russell says:

    Error signing your petition. Your user account is no longer active, this could be because you have closed your account. Please contact our help desk to reactivate your account.

  8. Joseph Frank says:

    Monsanto is out for themselves and hurting us in the process. I thank Whole Foods for doing what they can and hope they continue to fight this GMO crap.

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  10. kathleen ketcham says:

    we grow food in compound buckets(5 gal) plus our gardens

  11. Victoria Reeve says:

    There’s information missing. Why would the USDA give Whole Foods control over what how Monsanto, the USDA’s best bud, is regulated (or not, as is usually the case)? It wouldn’t. As far as the Whole Foods position: there’s a massive chasm between merely not continuing to fight an unwinnable battle and going over to the ‘dark side’ by supporting genetic modification. The first is understandable, the second is clearly unethical.

  12. Michelle says:

    This is just a ploy to get rid of organic food for good.

    Cross-pollination happens on purpose. Monsanto will deliberately buy land next to organic farms so they can cross pollinate and then have the farm shut down due to contamination.

    That’s all this is – a ruse to stop the organic farms and turn them into GMO-bots.

  13. Truthseeker says:

    Ask ObamaFRAUD to help? Is someone joking here? He just gave a huge appointment to a top Monsanto person! No, Obama for so many reasons must GO…He MUST be removed peacefully and quickly. He is a dancing sock puppet for the British Imperial Monetarist System. America will NOT survive a full term ObamaFRAUD “presidency.” Silly americans continue to believe in this FAKER…The Ruling Elite are his Masters and he does what he is TOLD…It’s time to send THEM a message…MonSATAN, the FDA (Federal DEATH Agency) and the Criminal USDA (US DEATH Agency)….Wake up americans, they are instituting their DePopulation Agenda on YOU – 80% Reduction in the global population – it’s time to see the writing on the wall. They KNOW that GMOs are BAD for you – that’s the WHOLE Idea. You’re i a fight for your LIFE – but so many of you still don’t get it – waiting for ObamaFRAUD to save you? Jesus – wake up! If this isn’t enough to get you into the Streets than you’re hopeless.

    • Dee says:

      Oh I soooo agree with your post!! Petition Obama to do the right thing??? That’s freakin’ hysterical!! The people are asleep at the wheel brother.

    • Dominic says:

      Truthseeker..So you believe the Republicans are going to fix this problem…This GMO started well before Obama came in..re: Geo W. Bush..check and see how many Tepubs Congress and Senate approved this and got money from Monsanto..

  14. REX TYLER DTM says:

    For Whole Foods to take on Monsanto goods in not strange they were not certified organic throughout the store anyway.Personally I would be seen dead in Wholefoods, their integrity of certified organic and biodynamic never cam into my picture.I ran a 100% certified organic store for 30 years but up against the supermarkets selling and promoting GM foods with customers either ignorant or not caring GM will take over and when it does Monsanto and the like will control your food, and woe betide you when that happens.

  15. anne says:


    • Jeanine Gurley says:

      Anne, Amen – I’m with you.

    • Laura says:

      Good luck with that. The Obama-Administration has appointed FDA nazis to come arrest you if you grow your own food. Just ask the Amish who are under attack now for having their own cows. Just ask Michigan where it is illegal to have your own cow and drink its milk.

      • Alexandra says:

        That’s quite an exaggeration. If it were true, we wouldn’t have small farms at all, now would we? No farmers markets, no 5-mile farms (http://www.resolutiongardens.org/farm/), no CSAs…

      • melissa says:

        They sell raw milk cheese in many areas of michigan, dont think its illegal

      • kim says:

        paranoid a little?

      • farmer 4563 says:

        This is one of the most ridiculous comments that I have ever heard. No wonder you people have little credibility. Stick to provable facts and not somebodies wild imagination. You may have some good points but you loose a lot of people when you go off the deep end and say that you can’t grow your own food or own your own milk cow. You may not be able to sell raw milk but how can anyone prevent you from drinking it. Show me the law.

  16. The items listed are not the only GMO product, rice,corn,beets,and now sugar cane are all GMO…ALL SODA WITH GMO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP..
    Whole fooods used GMO product under their label THIS IS WHY THE USDA MADE THEM TOW THE LINE…if they did not they would label their product NON GMO they dont do they?
    the market place is where it is settled, Whole foods choice will hurt them in the market place LET MONSANTO HAVE IT ALL…they have no desire to share…what a crock of shit….so let them have it all, and we will hammer them that much faster, untill they are GMO compost every stnking one of them.

  17. Jim says:

    You guys are going to hate me, but I’m going to say it. GMO’s are no big deal. I’m not on the government’s or Monsanto’s payroll (in fact, I despise Monsanto and what they stand for), but I am a midwestern farmer. The fact of the matter is, there is no way whatsoever to meet global demands for food production by going organic. None. By making plants that are herbicide resistant as well as toxic to some insects (more on that later), we are able to produce more and more food each year. And the fact of the matter is, GMO’s are indistinguishable from non-GMO’s in taste and nutritional value.

    Please note, this is an OPINION that I personally hold. I don’t expect to sway anyone away from their beliefs. If you prefer organic foods, eat organic foods. Oh, and concerning toxicity, chocolate is deadly to dogs. BT is deadly to ear worms. Neither have the same lethal effect on humans. I won’t stop eating chocolate and I won’t fret over a possible “taint” of my food where BT comes along.

    • You should read “Seeds of Deception,” by Jeffrey Smith. It has documented research that differs from your “opinion,” which is obviously based on what is monetarily easier for you. I have a medical background and I assure you, GMO’s are not “no big deal.”

    • lotus lady says:

      There are all kinds of studies which show organ failure from eating GMO corn. Yes they are problematic. Also, you are FORCED to buy seed each year because they are modified so that they are sterile and cannot be replanted. And if you are planting GMO crops then you are also using Round Up, which are have been led to believe is harmless. WRONG again!

    • kim says:

      amen…comon sense finally

  18. alex says:

    WHY does evil spread so wide into every aspect of our lives? Evil wants to alter what God created, simple as that. Anything that we do to alter nature, ours or the nature around us, is evil. Any and all hope anyone places in the world will be shattered, place no faith in anything in the world my friends because you will be let down and disappointed. Instead learn to grow your own food or get down and real about life, death, afterlife and ask God about what’s to come. Folks, Jesus and God are real, I tell you not because I was religous, I wasn’t until I did something, read the New Testament saying one thing for a few weeks: JESUS if you are real give me the HOLY SPIRIT. Please do this and have what it says happen to me, if its real, BE one with me in SPIRIT and be my Shepherd but be REAL to me, not hidden, Amen. Three weeks reading ten pages a day later, nearing the end, Jesus came into me literally in my Spirit making me one with Him with power, the next few years were full of dreams, revelations of things to come, seeing a house I would get ten years later, seeing Jesus many times, etc… I beg all to ask Jesus for the Living Water, as He instructed me to tell all, to read the New Testament asking this, which is the Living Water(HIS Spirit) coming into a person making HIS home within. I tell you the truth that this is real. I pray that people hear me and at least try it for a week, start reading and asking for a mere week, that’s all, why is it so politically incorrect to tell people to do this? This is the truth so please please please ask yourselves what it could hurt to read for a few weeks asking this to see what happens, make this effort to knock and Christ will open the door for you. Love you all..

  19. Kelly says:

    Obama has a Monsanto Guy as the head of his AG dept.

    No wonder… The whole political system is evil and needs
    to be gone.

  20. bill says:

    the organic consumers association has very little credibility. it seems they try to stir up people with half truths in order to keep their funding going. they stopped being activists(if they ever were) and are really just trying to keep the money coming in – hence their half truths too often

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  23. Wobrien says:

    Sorry, but your article is confusing at best.

    First of all being a Dr. of Chiropractic, Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, On the Board of Certified Teachers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology hardly qualifies you as an expert in the food industry and of food laws. But, you have put your credentials there and I commend you for that.

    Now to the article. You state that Whole Foods was not given the option to stay in the negotiations. What is that supposed to mean? You don’t explain it. Whole Foods can buy, or not buy from whomever they want. So that can’t be the issue. What are you trying to get at?

    Allow Montsanto, full, unregulated control . . . You’re kidding. The USDA and other agencies are watching this. You may not like what they’re doing, but it’s hardly unregulated.

    Your second attack, isn’t much better.

    I’ve worked in the food industry (ingredients) for 35 years. I’ve had to get both FDA and USDA approvals for things. One of which was fish oil for use in food.

    Sorry, but I’d disagree, but I don’t know what I’d be disagreeing about.

  24. Jeanine Gurley says:

    No one is forcing me to buy corn, soy, cotton or canola. Now it may be very INCONVENEINT for me to avoid buying those things but it is my choice. And I have been choosing not to by most of them for some years. I can simply choose not to by the remainder – such as ‘organic’ soy. I have learned how cheap and easy it is to make nut milks at home. We have ALL of the power when we vote with our dollars. Each time we buy something that we have protested against we have just ‘voted’ to continue the product. If you can’t sell your corn to anyone what are you going to do?

  25. If Whole Foods is against Monsanto, then why do they sell products full of GMO’s? Dollar are what counts in this country… What is their excuse? That they used the money they made from selling people “whole foods,” full of GMO’s to fight Monsanto. Give me a break. They shouldn’t sell the stuff if they don’t want it around.

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  27. charlie says:

    There is a choice; Don’t shop at Whole foods. The Prices are over inflated anyway.

  28. Matthew says:

    Yes the thing to do is to only buy certified organic foods, this is the only way to hurt Monsanto, sending petitons to Obama will solve nothing, he works for the Elite, the Corporations, nothing more than a puppet for our shadow government. They want us sick and dying. However, alot of us are too poor to afford to buy only organic food, which almost always costs more. People like me are awake and aware of the harmful effects of GMO’s, pesticides, and chemicals in our food, but are powerless to shield our children completely from it, especially when you rely on food boxes to supplement your income. We can inform others and do what we can, like taking to the streets and letting our voices be heard. Unless we all wake up on a mass scale we are doomed by companies like Monsanto. Especially with Monsnato employees in the hall of goverrnment. http://redgreenandblue.org/2011/02/09/monsanto-employees-in-the-halls-of-government/ For those who don’t believe GMO’s are harmful you need to educate yourself, splicing genes is against mother nature, who knows what kind of effect eating these foods will have on us, links to cancer and worse, check out documentaries like “The Future of Food.” When Monsanto has infiltrated and saturated our own government you know you cannot trust the president to help you. Wake up others, Buy organic, Take to the streets, these are the days of information wars, and with treaties like ACTA being formed, we have to fight to keep control of our information and the right to spread it around the internet, keep up the good fight!

  29. Meryl Steinberg says:

    For all the angst, anger and worry, why not consider an education campaign and get off our butts, work together to stand outside the major supermarkets and WF with flyers the EDUCATE shoppers. #occupyMonsanto. Just do it!

  30. All anyone does is post these on facebook and complain and fear monger, and none of you including me get up off our lazy asses and do anything about it. Plus most of you probably go out there and buy and consume the very thing you just posted against. We wont do anything that interrupts our shopping or surfing the internet or our precious video games or lets not forget the Reality TV shows about other people living their lives!!!!. Are you fucking kidding me have we gotten to lazy were just like “hey lets watch this group of people” go to the clubs and have sex or get drunk or get in a fight, and watch shows about people going to work, “TO WORK!!!!!!”. Or lets watch others play poker, and watch judge other people’s bad kids, like your own are any better. i give up on humanity….. that’s my rant

  31. Rod says:

    The Supreme Court needs to file an anti-trust suite against Monsanto. Monopolies are still illeagl.

  32. Mr.Raph2 says:

    We all going to die any way, who cares any more about humanity.

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  34. SRW says:

    RoundUp is not a pesticide it is a herbicide which is a weed killer…..

  35. TMay says:

    You seem naive. Obama is the person who appointed the Monsanto lobbyist to the FDA. The shareholders of Monsanto are Obama’s largest contributors. This is an election year. Obama is making sure Monsanto is successful and that his friends make a lot of money so that they can contribute to his campaign in a revolving circle. There is a petition to get Monsanto out of the FDA.

  36. Emily says:

    Yes, someone is forcing you to buy GM corn, and other products: I can’t buy non-GMO corn for sure (yeah, the label says ‘organic’ or the store owner says it isn’t GMO) to feed my farm animals. GMO may sterilize them eventually. My animals are in a sanctuary, and few are killed for food, but this is a fact. You eat meat from the stores, you eat GMO because – see the latest published articles – scientists in reputable journals have established that GMO’s RNA changes the organs of humans and animals who eat it, particularly the reproductive organs.

    If the reproduction fiasco occurs, the price of meat will follow the curve of the price of gold.

    MAY European countries are ousting Monsatanto. India is suing them for stealing their eggplant genome. Japan was strongly non-GMO just before it was nuked by the earthquake.

    You’ve got to grow your own. My concern is lettuces and tomatoes. Tomatoes have been discussed as vectors for injections of whatever it is the gov’t puts in vaccines. Lettuce I can only grow in the warm seasons, since I don’t have a greenhouse YET.

    I think the people behind the anti-food laws and the anti-food movement have a plan to wreck greenhouses. This is war, and winning it early is easier than winning it after boots on the ground are at your door.

  37. Emily says:

    oops MANY European countries

  38. annic2 says:

    you’re getting a lot of opposition to your article within the thread, because you have basically just told the truth that not even most anti-monsanto activists want to hear, because their favorite corporate backed special interest group(the organic consumers association, funded by merck) told them otherwise. this is actually what happened folks.

  39. JustFYI says:

    I guess I’m a bit lost as to this fight with Monsanto. Is the issue with the company itself or is it able GM food? If the argument is over GM food then we need to back up a few hundred years and realize that we’ve been eating GM food for a long time. Hell, that is how we have modern corn and seedless fruits. Farmers have been selectively cross pollinating plants for generations to get the best gene mix for bigger fruit. I am not calling anyone out in their arguments, but just providing some food for thought.

    • frankie says:

      Fast forward two years and I fervently hope you have done more research and learned that what you wrote is wrong on so many levels. Paramount is being aware that gmos are a modern technology, only performed in the laboratory initially at least, using microbiology. What you are referring to is hybridization, a technique often “used” by nature under the heading of “evolution.” This use of wrong terminology was used widely during the CA Prop 37 and WA 522 to belittle consumers into thinking that they were naive idiots.

  40. I don’t understand why people are not standing on the steps of the NYC court house that just threw the farmers out of court…this is WAR!

  41. One Tall Swimmer says:

    In California there is an initiative drive for the next ballot to mandate truth in disclosure regarding gmo’s in our food. Check out http://www.labelgmos.org
    Yes, I have my bias: I don’t want to consume GMO’s. Yet I think it’s a no brainer, whether I want GMO’s or not, that our food, all food be labeled.
    Heck, what are they afraid of? If their “products” are so good for us, why aren’t they labeled in the stores? Currently, there are NO required labeling laws in California.

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  43. Joyce says:

    @just FYI…..You are just uninformed about GMOs. It is NOT just a matter of “cross pollination”, as has been going on for ages, It is many other things, such as engineering a seed to be resistant to bugs, because it contains poison to Kill the bugs. Also, animal genes have been spliced into fish, to create a larger fish…..these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Huge doses of poison can be poured on GE foods, as they are engineered to resist it…tasty.

  44. Eric says:

    Having a seat at THAT table isn’t going to get us anything, better to take a principled stand and continue to build the movement.

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  46. Elsie says:

    The government and Monsanto are trying to kill as many people as possible so that they can exert global domination and enslave any remaining survivors. Watch the movie “Thrive” and this will all make sense.

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  48. Avalona22 says:

    I live in an ecovillage in southern AZ founded by Gabriel of Urantia (http://gccalliance.org/resume/) and we grow organic food and purchase from other local organic suppliers to supplement the rest of our needs for a balanced diet. We also produce our own dairy. The best way to create a lasting change in this is to learn to grow your own food and collaborate with others. Start seed saving, create a community seed bank. It’s amazing what you can grow even in cities.

  49. Jay Dillon says:

    The effective response to an existential threat to human and biosphere survival is not to “ask Obama to outlaw Monsanto.”

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