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Sugar makes you fat

It’s the sugar that makes you fat, not the fat. Why can’t people eat or dink something without it being sweetened? You go to any coffee shop and people aren’t usually ordering coffee. They are ordering dessert with some coffee … Continue reading

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Fat and Diabetic from USDA Food pyramid

If the food pyramid works why are we still becoming fat and diabetic? According to the USDA food pyramid we are supposed to be eating mainly carbohydrates and low fat protein. This goes against every long standing indigenous culture on … Continue reading

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Grains and Sugar are killing you…

Dr. Mercola summed it up perfectly with his post today, “Reduce Grains and Sugar to Lose Weight and Improve Health”. This is what I have found out in my decade and a half of experimenting with diet. Grains and sugar … Continue reading

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“I feel better when I eat carbs”

I talked to a couple people yesterday, socially and in my practice, who asked me why they feel like they have more energy when they eat carbs. When you have been eating carbs for a long period of time… or … Continue reading

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Sugar addiction

Why do we have to have everything with sugar in it? I was looking at “organic” beef and chicken stock the other day and several of the brands I looked at had some sort of sweeteners added. The better ones … Continue reading

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