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What are “healthy” snacks?

Snacking that is Really healthy Most people think that healthy snacks are things like nuts, seeds or nutrition bars. These foods can cause health problems. Nuts and seeds are as close to nature in terms of snack foods, and are … Continue reading

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Butter benefits

Butter is a health food. I recently saw this article by┬áDr Vikki Petersen. DC, CCN called, “Why I Frequently Allow Butter on a Dairy Free Diet” and I thought it was great. For years I have been telling my patients … Continue reading

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Grains and the decline of human health

One of the biggest lies of humanity, “grains are healthy” This is one of those times where our big heads have gotten us in big trouble. There was a point in human history where most of the large mammals in … Continue reading

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Water that is good for you

Water is essential. First of all, many people don’t drink water on a daily basis at all. For me this is hard to understand. For many others, they may think, “what is the big deal?” There are so many people … Continue reading

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“Microwaves, Salt and Lifting Weights” from Get Fit Now

Here is a link to the Get Fit Now Radio blog. I do the show every Monday 1-1:30pm with Eleni K. Yesterday we were talking about using microwave ovens, is salt bad for you and women lifting weights “Microwaves, Salt … Continue reading

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One of my favorite dinners

Low Carbohydrate Italian My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family was of Italian descent. I love Italian food but I can no longer eat pasta or bread. It just does me in. Here is a great Italian dish … Continue reading

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