Sugar addiction, 7 tips to help

Sugar Addiction, how to stop it

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction, 7 tips to help you.

I have a huge sugar addiction problem. I guess it’s actually an addiction to sugar, grains and carbs. I just can’t have this stuff in front of me or in my house.

I realize that I am not alone. You probably have some issues like this also. But don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s not your fault. The food industry knows that sugar and carbs can be more addictive than cocaine and they use this as an advantage. I think that sugar should be restricted the same way that tobacco and alcohol are. I’ll leave that political fight up to someone else.

Here is an email that I received from a reader asking for help after reading a post that I wrote on sugar addiction.


You say people need to avoid refined sugar to lose weight. However, you also say sugar is addictive. You’re absolutely right as I can’t stop eating it. I’ve tried countless supplements to improve my body’s nutritional status but this hasn’t helped. I notice that when I eliminate sugar from my diet for a few days, I lose a significant amount of weight. However, once I start eating it again, I binge and gain even more weight than before. Is there a simple solution for ending sugar cravings. Meditation, visualization, drinking excessive amounts of water, eating 6 times a day, etc. doesn’t work. Nothing works except eliminating sugar from my diet and I haven’t been able to do this. Please let me know if you have a proven way to help me end sugar cravings. I’ve seen numerous doctors and none of them have helped me. The last one helped at least reduce the cravings with Acupressure.

Curbing Sugar addiction is not an over night thing. If you can go through at least three weeks without any sugar your body will respond and you will crave it less and less.

Some tips for staying off of sugar:

  1. Don’t keep any in the house. Just don’t buy any refined sugar items. If you don’t have them in the house yo can’t go and get them when you are weak.
  2. Eat salty, but healthy, foods when craving sugar. This works for me. When I am craving sugar I go for something salty that is healthy for me. This can include natural sliced meats like salami, pepperoni, etc… Pickled items like olives, pickles, etc… Organic corn chips (try not to do too many corn chips, not too good for you but better than sugar) or what ever salty foods work for you.
  3. Exercise. Do regular aerobic exercise. This will help to change your metabolism from sugar burning to fat burning.
  4. Inositol. An inositol supplement can help. Take the supplement when you have cravings. I recommend working with a health care specialist to check if this is good for you. I prefer Standard Process brand inositol (and if you take this one chew it).
  5. The Sugar Destroyer Herb: Use the ayurvedic herb “Gymnema”. It’s name literally means “sugar destroyer”. When you are taking Gymnema your blood sugar metabolism can be strengthened and it actually makes sugar taste repulsive to you. I prefer the Medi Herb brand of Gymnema. Work with a health care professional to see if this is right for you.
  6. Get help from your family and friends. Tell them that you are putting in great effort to stop eating sugar and ask for their help. Maybe you can do it together with them. Things like this can be dome easier in groups.
  7. Hang out with people that don’t eat sugar. As many people know who have success in achieving big changes in their lives, you become who you hang around. If you are constantly around people who eat sugar, you will do it too. If you hang out with people who eat healthy you will too.

I always recommend to eat a diet of healthy food while working with sugar addiction. If you don’t put good food into your body you will still crave sugar. To see the eating right diet click here.

Do you have any other tips? I’d love to get some new ones! Let me know…

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3 Responses to Sugar addiction, 7 tips to help

  1. debbiet says:

    I have found that the longer I go without sugar, the easier it is. When I first started eating right, I pushed through four weeks with little or no refined sugar. It was difficult at first, but I found that the longer I made it, the easier it got. When I did have a small bite of cake, it made me feel slightly ill. I took that to mean that I was better off without the sugar. I know that I may enjoy sugar in small doses from time to time, but I also know that I can live perfectly happily without it.

    • Yes. It takes a few weeks for your body to change over to fat burning metabolism and for you to get over the need for sugar. Then when you do it watch out. You might get a “sugar hangover”! You won’t like the feeling it gives you and you may not even have the taste for it as much any more. But if you start binging again you will deaden you senses and go toward sugar metabolism again and crave sugar again.

  2. csbishop86 says:

    One thing to look into as well is to get tested and see if there is a Candida overgrowth. When yeast over populates it causes severe cravings for sugar. If you find that is the problem, then you can kill off the yeast and with that you can kill the sugar cravings. As I am using inositol to help aid me in kicking sweet cravings until I regain control again.

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