Soy Dangers

Soy, the un-health food.

Over the years I have seen how large corporations, lobbyists and public

Soy bad for health

Soy doesn't do the body good

relation firms can make the general population believe what they want. The power of influence is enormous! And people believe what they are told by authority figures.

A prime example if this is Soy. The public has been brainwashed to believe that soy is a superfood. That it is a good source of protein, has medicinal properties and that everyone should eat, drink, take it in supplement form, and even make vegan turkeys out of it.

Soy really isn’t a healthy food to eat on a regular basis.

You have been mislead! First of all, soy is not easily digestible by the human body.

  • The protein in soy can not be easily broken down easily by the human stomach. So that means if you eat soy, you can’t absorb the proteins and it passes right through you.
  • There are chemicals in soy that are “trypsin inhibitors” that interfere with protein digestion, cause pancreatic disorders and may stunt growth in children.
  • Soy contains a high amount of phytic acid which blocks absorption of important mineral in our body (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc…) and actually destroys the “villi” of you intestines which absorb your nutrients. This means that even though you may be eating healthy vitamin and mineral rich foods, you won’t be able to absorb any of that goodness into your body.
  • The Vitamin B12 analogs that are found in soy are not absorbed by the body and actually cause your body to have a B12 deficiency.
  • Soy increases your body’s need for Vitamin D. You know Vitamin D right? They now say that if you don’t have enough Vitamin D you may get cancer easier.

This is some pretty bad stuff! But that is not all. Soy also causes a lot of hormonal and reproductive system problems.

  • Soy has a high amount of phytoestrogens. These are chemicals that are made from plants that are like the human hormone estrogen.
  • High amounts of estrogen your body will block the thyroid gland from working properly. The thyroid governs your metabolism. If your metabolism slows down you start gaining weight, have less energy, lose hair, become depressed, have cold hands and feet, lower immune system, cause a higher rate of miscarriage in pregnancy and more (these symptoms show up on women much more then men).
  • High amounts of Estrogen in men causes lower levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone. This will decrease sex drive, cause gynecomastia (man boobs), weight gain, muscle loss, sterility, depression and more.
  • Long term increase in estrogen has been shown to increase the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

On top of all of this there are factors with the way that soy is processed. Most soy products are highly refined and processed and this makes things even worse. The processing of soy protein causes the¬†formation of toxic and highly carcinogenic “nitrosamines“. The really not so funny fact is that the soy industry was recently lobbying the FDA to proclaim that soy products were good for cancer prevention. Mean while soy products seem to cause cancer.

Another by product is soy processing is MSG, a powerful neurotoxin that you may of heard of. There is also a high amount of aluminum which is toxic to the nervous system and kidneys.

On top of all of this. I don’t think soy even tastes good! It’s amazing what good public relations can do. The stuff will kill you and doesn’t taste good but everyone wants it.

People think that soy is healthy because the asian diet seems healthy. Soy in the asian diet is another misconception. In the early 1900’s only about 1.5% of the asian diet was soy. They didn’t eat a lot of tofu, soy milk, or use it as infant formula and they sure didn’t put processed soy protein isolate in everything. They only used it as a garnish.

A high quality soy sauce or well fermented “miso” is ok because the fermentation process takes out the phytic acid and is a cleaner way of processing soy vs the industrialized methods.

In general remember to stick to vegetables, proteins and fruit. Avoid processed foods with “Soy Protein isolates” or anything that may resemble these words.

Soy sauce or miso can be OK, just stay away form tofu, soy milk and raw soybeans in general. If you want to see how to eat right in detail, take a look at the eating right page or put you email in on this page to watch me describe how to eat right on a free video.


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