Omega 3 oil that’s not healthy

An omega 3 oil that will slowly kill you!

The food industry does an amazing job with marketing of foods that are cheap to produce but are not healthy for you. If you don’t know yet corn oil and vegetable oil are some of the worst oils to cook with. They are dangerous!

There recently has been a “health food” push for better oils and canola oil became the leader for healthy oils because of it’s low saturated fat and high omega 3 content. What you don’t know is canola is derived from the rape seed which is poisonous. Canola is not as bad as the rape seed but it still has a low amount of the chemical that is know as “mustard gas”. This was used to kill people in past world wars. It causes immune system problems and nervous system problems. But if you go to any leading mega health food store most of the foods in the hot bars or packaged foods contain canola oil.

What will you feel if you eat canola oil?

When I eat something with canola oil in it I start to feel a bit spacey within about 15 minutes. I may even have fatigue, heart palpitations and digestive problems within a short time.
People ask me why canola oil is not good for us because is it touted in research (usually paid for by someone in the food industry) and is in every prepackaged “health food”. The truth is it is making a large profit for big business and and killing us slowly.

As I have said in the eating right diet use olive oil and a good quality butter. These are the healthiest and best fats to use. Be skeptical of any new wonder oils that appear on the market. Stick to the standards that have been used for years and years.

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