Monsanto buys out Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market may not be supplying Healthy Foods anymore.

Update: July 6, 2011

Here is another post that I wrote. It is based on a link that I received from a reader. Click here to read Whole Foods and monsanto misinformation

Update: May 27th, 5:49pm pst

I received an email back from Whole Foods Market that said in the first line, “Thank you for taking the time to write to Whole Foods Market. We do not have any affiliation with that company.”

Here is my update for this post.

Update: May 27th, 3:49 pm pst

I’ve been looking on the net for more info on what I posted below. I really hope it isn’t true. I know that they have caved into Monsanto about GMO foods but looking for more info on this new topic. I have emailed Whole Foods to inquire. I will update this as soon as I find out more.

In a Article from Political News Online, from the Organic Consumer

genitically modified foods
No GMO Foods

Association, I have just found out that Whole Foods Market has been bought our by the Monsanto Company.

I am ANGRY! I have been a loyal customer of The Whole Foods Market for years.

Monsanto is the company that brought us Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH or BST) which you may of heard about. This chemical caused breast infections in the cows that was administered to (just think about drinking mink from infected cow breasts) and may cause cancer in humans… Great!.

Monsanto also is the leader in genetically modifying foods (GMO foods). These foods are genetically designed so that they produce pesticides all by themselves, automatically. Just imagine plants that actually produce the pesticide “Roundup” while they are growing. And then we are supposed to eat these plants? I don’t know about you, but I see a HUGE problem here.

Dr. Joseph Mercola posted a great article about genetically modified foods. Here are somethings that they cause:

  • Lung damage in mice
  • Cancer in rats
  • Kidney, liver, heart and spleen problems in rodents
  • Immune system diseases in rodents
  • Five-fold increasein mortality, lower birth weights, and the inability to reproduce in rats
  • Sperm damage in mice
  • Alter DNA functioning in mice
  • Sterility and fertility problems in pigs, cows and buffalo

Is this not enough of a reason that they should not be seen as safe for the general public? …Duh!

This is a criminal act! Purposely endangering peoples health and lives.

Here is a link to Get Fit Now Radio where Eleni K and I talked about GMO foods. Listen to this and pass it on.

Again, I am pissed about this! Monsanto lobbied the US government to ok GMO foods as safe. They are mostly banned in the EU and the US threatened sanctions against Europe if they didn’t allow GMO foods to be imported and grown there. You can see how a large multinational corporation like monsanto can control things with lobbying. I can’t believe that the Obama’s could allow this.

Do me a favor. Help spread the word about this. About what whole foods is turning into. It’s free to do it on the internet…Thank God!

Right now, get this page out to those that you care about and that you love. Post it on your FaceBook page, on your Twitter account or what ever you have. Email it. People need to know what is happening in the name of big business profit.

About Dr. Robert Ciprian

Dr. Robert Ciprian is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, On the Board of Certified Teachers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a co-host on Get Fit Now Radio on For a nutritional consultation or holistic health treatment call 503-222-5509. For seminars and workshops go to
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40 Responses to Monsanto buys out Whole Foods Market

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  3. Scott Kerr says:

    Your link to the health risks of GM food, (the mercola site) is behind a psuedopaywall, I have to give them my email address to get access to the “studies” you cited. Any chance there is a more credible source of information with said studies. Pubmed links perhaps?

    • Sorry Scott, I don’t have any linked to Pubmed.

    • Robert says:

      Dr Mercola is a highly credible source for health information. Perhaps his marketing/website team encouraged him to require an email address for marketing purposes, but that in no way discredits the information therein.

    • benj says:

      You should consider giving Dr. Mercola your email. I have been receiving his newsletter for a year or so, and it’s really good stuff. He is uncompromising in his opinion on health matters, such as the importance of nutrition and the dangers of conventional and processed foods, especially GMOs, corn syrup, and aspartame. He is also quick to point out the flaws in the AMA/allopathic model, especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals and the American cancer industry. There is a wealth of great information on his site. And hey, if you don’t like him, you can always unsubscribe.

    • ME says:

      No you don’t..! just click once outside of the popup window then hit the Esc key. Popup GONE!!

  4. canary says:

    I see absolutely no evidence that Whole Foods is in any way ‘owned’ by Monsanto, certainly not in the legal sense of that word. If it were true, this would be a relatively simple thing to find out for sure. No speculation is necessary. Corporate ownership is a matter of public record. Until someone provides evidence to the contrary, I have no reason to believe anything other than that John Mackey remains the owner of record.

    That’s not to say that Whole Foods is not siding with Monsanto. People who claim that Monsanto now owns Whole Foods appear to be misinterpreting the Organic Consumers Association article about Whole Foods ‘caving’ to Monsanto over the GMO issue, at least it is the most cited article in the claims I’ve seen. Certainly in that metaphorical sense, Whole Foods could be considered ‘owned’ by Monsanto, but it is very misleading, and just plain factually wrong, to say that Monsanto is the actual, legal owner of Whole Foods.

    Mind you, there is plenty wrong with Whole Foods without Monsanto directly benefiting from every purchase you make there. There are certainly lots of products on Whole Foods shelves that would be better boycotted. And John Mackey’s union busting and opposition to public health care are both excellent reasons to take your business elsewhere. Whether owned by Monsanto or Mackey, Whole Foods is not our friend. It is a capitalist enterprise. It’s not there to benefit customers, but to make a profit off those customers, and to exploit their non-union labor in the process.

    • unionfreeisme says:

      Canary – 94% of the private workforce is Union Free. Whole Foods is a great place to work, pay their employees great wages and benefits and therefore employees dont need to pay forced union dues to be represented.

      The service and customer experience you get in a Whole Foods is so much better than any other major union grocery chain. You can be a “union buster” if there is no union. The reason Whole Foods are not union is because the employees have made a choice to be union free.

      • stephani says:

        Whole Foods is still a capitalist enterprise that does NOT care about its customers in the same way a local health food store or food co-op does. If you have one in your area, support your local co-op. Support your locally owned stores that support the local farmers. I’m very blessed to live in Montana, surrounded by so many wonderful farmers and ranchers that see the big picture…but if you don’t, locally owned stores are the next best thing.
        I used to love Whole Foods when I lived in a city for a year, then I found out about them allowing GMO’s, and I stopped supporting them with my money. Vote with your pocketbook and support states like Vermont and California who are trying to ban GMO’s (and attracting threats of legal action from Monsanto)

  5. joseph rigan says:

    apparently on the west coast, the word in the whole foods store is that yes monsanto has indeed bought whole foods. it’s either being kept very clandestine or it is merely more bs on the airwaves, stay tuned because this arrived from a fairly good source

  6. Megan says:

    You really need to be careful about what you start spreading on the internet without any actual idea as to what you’re talking about. I’m thankful to the responsible readers who corrected your information.

  7. Gabriel Corbin says:

    I’m ‘sick’ of Monsanto!


  8. liberty4ev says:

    If this is true, it’s a crying shame. If there’s any one issue on which the left and right should unite, it is food freedom. And we’d better get on it soon.

    Dr. Ciprian, you said you can’t believe Obama allowed this? You must not be paying attention. Bush3.Obama is running roughshod over our God-given rights, and our right to grow and eat what we want is no exception.

  9. benj says:

    It also pays to find – and support – your local small businesses that offer healthy goods and organic food. A bottle of GT’s kombucha that costs around $4 at Whole Foods goes for $2.79 at my local retailer. Good for my community, good for my pocketbook.

  10. shawn garvey says:

    Sir —

    Please remove this post. I’ve seen it spread around the internet as if there is some truth to it. As the owner of a farm and a 100 percent organic individual, as well as a communications professional, the ability to rely on accurate and truthful information is the most important thing I look for in a relationship. This does not meet the objective — and it’s been pointed out to you before — so I look forward to your retraction and removal of this disinformation campaign.

  11. Joseph Frank says:

    I would like to know if this is fact of ownership in whole foods or if it is like the comment of being owned or going along with monsanto?
    To know if I should stop shopping at whole foods or not?

  12. e hendrickson says:

    any company can buy another one, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy from them if you don’t want to

  13. Cher-Ami says:

    It is best to grow your own food anyway. For yourself and/or your community. It is going to come down to this so start now. Be proactive not reactive. There are many ways to do this. My daughter and I have grown on our own land, grown with other people and now grow on our tiny patio as well as a plot in our community garden.

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  16. Using Genetic Modifications (GM) to combat pesticides like “round up” is taking farming down the wrong path all together. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 70% of the pollution in our rivers and streams come from traditional farming. The answer is not combating pesticides and altering the genetics of the plants. The answer is creating new urban farming concepts that are better for the environment. Companies like FusionPharm Inc ( operate on 20% of the water equivalent of traditional farming, require no pesticides, and are a closed loop system. This equates to no run‐off of harmful wastewater pollutants entering rivers or streams, creating a more environmentally‐friendly solution to farming. What’s the end result? A cleaner environment and healthier non-GM produce being infused into our communities.

  17. Tony Larsen says:

    Wow you need to be fact checked…..i understand you think that GMO equals unhealthy or dangerous but this is not based on real scientific data. You should be ashamed of putting this stuff up on the net.

    • Michael Sheran says:

      Tony, you are a terrible person, there has been so much proof as to the damages that GMO does to the human body. Two words, wake up!

    • Scooby says:

      You must be a Monsanto shill no? Employee? I can’t think of anybody who would side with a company that has genetically modified its vegetables to produce a pesticide…. what the heck kind of person are you? Seed of Satan?

      • Monsanto has adapted Roundup to control seeds of Satan. Spray it on you home or farm and you don’t have to worry about Satan–until he develops immunity, which can take a while.

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  19. your information is super wrong. they are not owned by monsanto. please do better homework, this is embarrassing.

  20. Amazing article. Good work done ! I’ll add it to my list now. Thanks for sharing ! :-)

  21. erin l says:

    for people who dont know about gmo food, stop being ignorant and just google it, there are several studies online that you can read about the awful effects of GMO foods. the reason why it is not discussed is because companies like monsanto have tried to block the release of these studies, one example is from russia where a group of scientists tested gmo food on rats only to find that they died quickly and monsanto did everything in their power to keep the story under wraps, taking them to court for years

    you can read articles online about south american farmers suing monsanto about their cows dying after eating only gmo potatoes and etc and after seeing their cows die they switched back to regular feed and their cows did fine.

    i mean if it can kill a cow it’ll definitely affect us.

  22. erin l says:

    i’m pretty sure i read an article in the huffington post or something that said that monsanto bought whole foods, anyone verify this? i wouldnt be surprised if this deal is being kept under wraps

  23. Jose conseco says:

    To make profit off of customers? Well duh! And actually whole foods goes out of their way to serve any needs of the customer. There are no gmo’s or any other artificial products that whole foods sells. I think alot of this is just bashing whole foods cause its a succesful corporate company.

  24. “anyone verify this?” I can. Without any possibility of being contradicted by anything but lies, I can say that Whole Foods is NOT, repeat, NOT, owned by Monsanto, nor in any way connected to Monsanto, nor does Whole Foods have any “deal” being kept under wraps with Monsanto. And I can also report with apodictic certainty who started this intentionally invidious rumor, and why. If you fell for it, or repeated it, you have been made a tool of the perpetrators.

    The Chief Executive Officer spoke out against Obamacare–in public, no less. Among progressives (viz., the socialist left) opposition to Obama’s socialization of the health-care industry is treason. But since the Constitution prevents Obama;s Department of Justice from prosecuting people like Whole Food’s CEO, the progressives’ modus operandi for destroying the opposition is to do anything to besmirch the reputation of “the enemy.” Also, because Whole Foods isn’t unionized, unions can be counted on to join in the underhanded mud slinging with all the dirt in their heavy bag.

  25. Avalona22 says:

    Who would have thought we’d find ourselves in such a worldwide mess in which corporations like Monsanto and others strive to monopolize the market at all costs. It’s becoming evident that more and more people are reclaiming health and food. Monsanto is aware of this and markets on the philanthropist image, promoting things like fighting world hunger and enhancing public health. There are efforts to educate others in both the mainstream and on the fringe. The film “Promised Land” starring Matt Damon is one mainstream example and “Spiritualution” activists Gabriel of Urantia and Amadon DellErba (; are some on the alternative front. The more the merrier, we can’t do this alone and thank God for the internet. Thank you Dr. Ciprian for this article.

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