How to lose 10 pounds

How to get in shape for summer…FAST!

Yes, Memorial day just hit again. The sun will be out more. It will be warm

Lose 10 pounds

Lose 10 pounds

and you are going to want to feel more secure with the way you body looks and feels.

It’s going to be swimming pool time, beach time, wedding time. It’s going to be that time of year where you want to wear cooler, sexier clothing and look good.

It’s also that time of year, if you’re single, that you really start looking for someone special. Pretty people are going to be out more and more as the heat gets turned up.

I’ve seen many people lose weight fast and naturally because they simply choose to implement only the best weight loss ideas. I’ve regularly seen people who are on not bad shape lose 10 pounds in two weeks! Yes, this is possible!

This is what you need to do. It’s easy and I’m going to show you how for FREE!

  1. Clean up your diet. Eat the types of foods that your body is deigned to eat. I call this eating right. Go and look at the eating right diet and see where you need to change what you are already doing. You can always read diet reviews & tips at DadQuarters website to find the best diet. The little details can be very important. Seriously! I’ve seen a close friend of mine who was religiosity doing the “Atkin’s Diet” but still couldn’t drop almost 20 pounds, even though they were working out 4 days a week. They gave up working out but also took cheese out of their diet and lost the 20 pounds within a month and a half! 20 pounds off from a small detail like not eating cheese!
  2. Drink water. Not Diet Soda, not kombucha, no zero calorie sweetened vitamin water or workout drinks. Drink water, preferably steam distilled or from a high quality water filter (no reverse osmosis). Drink about 1 quart per 50 pounds of body weight daily.
  3. Eat smaller meals but eat more often. Don’t eat so much food in a sitting that you are stuffed. Eat enough food so that you are comfortably satisfied but can eat more.
  4. Keep active. I recommend for people that don’t exercise to just walk at least 20 minutes a day at least 3 times a week. Walk briskly. Do it in the morning, on a lunch break or in the evening.
  5. Forgive yourself and your body for not being what you want it to be. I’m serious! I work with people’s emotions a lot in my practice and and self resentment can cause exactly what you are trying to correct. Forgive yourself and be nice to your self. And be happy that you are now changing your lifestyle to get what you want.

This is a healthy, natural way to change the way your body looks feels and behaves. You may also see changes in health problems that you have, as well as have more energy, less mood swings, better sleep and clearer thinking.

Don’t weigh yourself to look for improvement. If you start gaining muscle while you are losing fat you may not see a weight loss immediately. Muscle weighs more than fat. But you will be looking and feeling better.

A good indicator of fat loss in your waist line. Notice that your pants are getting bigger. Measure you waist in the morning after you go to the bathroom. As you eat right, notice your pants getting loser and the measurements getting smaller. I’ve seen it over and over again on myself and others. Now it’s your turn.

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