Fortified food = veneered food

Foods that are “fortified” with synthetic vitamins are veneered. You know what a veneer is right? It is a thin artificial covering on something that mimics the real thing that is of better quality. Like when you go to a cheaper furniture store like IKEA (I’m not knocking IKEA, there is a time and a place for their furniture) and you buy a table that has a nice covering that mimics something like “Birch” but underneath it is really made of a cheaper substance like particle board. There is a cosmetic veneer that looks like natural birch.

Most processed foods are like this. They have flavorings and added fortified vitamins and minerals (the veneer) and underneath there is no real nutritional value.

The taste makes makes us crave the artificial food. Then we are told that it is healthy because it is “Fortified” with the vitamins, minerals, fats, and protein that should be there naturally to begin with but were denatured in the processing of the food.

What type of foods am I talking about? Any packaged food that doesn’t go bad for a while like protein and nutritional bars, cereals, baked goods, any processed grains, milk, cookies, candy, juices, any foods that show “fortified” or “enriched” ingredients like vitamins, minerals, etc… These junk foods are usually not good for you because they are filling you up with synthetic nutrients and calories that are devoid of nutritional value.

When you fill yourself with calories that don’t have nutritional vale (empty calories) these usually get stored as fat.

Why are synthetic not good for you?

Synthetic nutrients are not functioning nutrients.

Look at your computer right now. It is “functioning” because you’re reading this! Now imagine that you gave a scientist you computer and had them analyze what it is made of. They would tell you the percentages of plastic, metal, wires, etc… what ever they found your computer to be made up of.

Now imagine that you took a very large and heavy hammer and pulverized your computer to tiny, tiny little pieces. OUCH! Now you can gather up all of these pieces (don’t miss any) and bring it back to the scientist and have all of the pieces analyzed again to see what is there.

If you gathered up all of the pieces the scientist should say that all of the same materials are there in the same percentages…right? But does your computer work any more….NO!

This is what happens with nutrients. Large food corporations get cheap food, process it for a longer shelf life, taste, economical production and “enrich” or “fortify” it with nutrients that were destroyed during the processes of manufacturing or that weren’t there in the first place because of the inferior quality of the food. The nutrients that are put into the food aren’t whole functioning nutrients (like your computer when it was working), instead they are the pieces of the nutrients that aren’t functioning (like the smashed up version of your computer).

These fortified substances don’t work as well as the natural whole foods and in some cases are bad for us.

Take “Vitamin C” for example. The FDA sees Vitamin C as “ascorbic acid”. But Vitamin C in whole food form, the way it is in nature, has ascorbic acid in it but it is just the protective layer to the rest of the vitamin. There is also tyrosinase, bioflavinoids, K factors, and much more. When you take synthetic Vitamin C over a long time it needs all of these co-factors to be used by your body. Eventually the synthetic Vitamin C will use up all of the co-factors that you have stored up in your body and you will develop a deficiency of this vitamin because you used up all of the co-factors that are needed to process it.

Synthetic B vitamins can give you a Vitamin B deficiency, Same with Vitamin E and others.

In general eat whole, fresh foods. If it is made by man in a factory or laboratory you probably shouldn’t be eating it. These artificial foods may taste great and come with lots of promises but they have a veneer. Under that veneer there isn’t much that is useful for the body. If we eat these veneered foods enough will will be getting fat, sick and slowly start dyeing.

About Dr. Robert Ciprian

Dr. Robert Ciprian is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, On the Board of Certified Teachers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a co-host on Get Fit Now Radio on For a nutritional consultation or holistic health treatment call 503-222-5509. For seminars and workshops go to
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  3. vovwe says:

    this is really informattive

  4. amanda says:

    I totally agree that all this junk (fake food) is what’s causing so many illnesses in otherwise normal people. its all silently killing everyone eating it. we are in the information age yet somehow the majority of the world population is clueless.
    I’m mostly concerned for pregnant women and the quality of new human life

  5. karrina says:

    I agree with this, but i think it goes over the limit a bit. If I eat foods with fortified vitamins in it, i’m not going to start “dyeing”

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