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Over the years of working with patients in a holistic health sense, I have seen many miracles.

I never really “heal” anyone. What happens is I help the patient heal themselves. I coach them to regain their own heath. I may push a few “buttons” and use muscle testing to figure out the root cause of their health issue. But ultimately I am guiding them toward getting through the blocks that they have created. The blocks between where they are now and their health.

If you have a health issue, you are ultimately responsible for it. What you have done in the past got you there and you need to take control of you life to change it. Only you can make the choices to do it.

One thing that is very important to coach people on is the food that they are putting into their bodies.

Dairy is a big obstacle to health

Do you drink milk, lattes, use milk in your tea? Do you eat cheese, yogurt, ice cream, dairy based foods, soups, sauces? I have seen some amazing things happen when people remove dairy from their diet.

I have seen dairy be a major contributor to low back pain.

low back pain

Dairy intolerance can cause low back pain

Here is one extreme example. I had an active patient in her late 20’s come into my office. She was referred by one of my students. She used to teach yoga but had to stop because of really bed low back pain. She had something called an “anterolisthesis” This is where there is an injury to the low back where the spine actually starts sliding off of the pelvis.

I in my practice I work with the muscles of the body and get them to work properly again when you walk, bend, chew and what ever else you do with your body. The muscles are related to different organs and body functions. I know that some of the low back muscles are weakened by dairy.

I worked on the patient and told her to do the eating right diet. When she left that day I was satisfied that the muscles related to her back pain were working properly.

She came back for a few visits and her back was not any better. Every time I reset the low back muscles. Finally I asked if she was “eating right”. She said yes, and was very proud of the fact that she is now using sheep’s milk instead of cows milk.

I told her she has to avoid ALL milk to get her back well. This included cow, goat, sheep and what ever else she could think of.

The very next visit her low back pain was entirely cleared up. Both her and I were VERY happy.

There are milk alternatives.

Some milk alternatives are good and some are not.

  • Soy milk is the most popular. But I recommend to stay away from soy. It causes digestive, hormonal and toxicity problems. I would actually say to drink a good organic, raw milk over soy.
  • Almond or nut milks are better than dairy but contain phytic acids which block the absorption of minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, etc…
  • Rice milk is better than dairy, soy and nut milks (not as many “anti-nutrients”) but it contains a high amount of sugars.
  • Hemp milk is new on the market and so far it seems to be good. It has a good amount of omega 3 fats and good amount of protein. Just try to get it unsweetened.

Above are some of your options. Some people need some dairy substitute in their life because of habit. Personally I don’t. I drink my americano (coffee) black. I don’t eat breakfast cereals, I don’t need to drink a glass full of some sort of white substance with my meal. I don’t need my foods smothered in cheese.

If you think about it, Humans are the only animals that drink milk after they grow up. I feel that the only ones that should drink milk should be infants.

There are many better sources to get you calcium from after a child is weened from breast milk. Dark green leafy vegetables, meats, fish, oranges, etc…

Do you know that the calcium that you get from dairy products may actually cause bones to be dense but brittle?

Let me know what you think… comment below.

About Dr. Robert Ciprian

Dr. Robert Ciprian is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, On the Board of Certified Teachers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a co-host on Get Fit Now Radio on www.cascadia.fm. For a nutritional consultation or holistic health treatment call 503-222-5509. For seminars and workshops go to www.cipriansystems.com.
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9 Responses to Dairy intolerance symptoms

  1. Flavia says:

    Loved the article! There is a misconception out there that we need to drink milk or eat dairy in order to get our daily calcium intake. You perfectly illustrated a side effect of dairy and more importantly the alternative calcium sources we can use!

    • Thank you. Yes, we’ve been mislead and we have to properly educate people as to what is really natural and best for us.

      • JimG. says:

        Dr. Ciprian,

        What about kefir and, specifically, raw milk kefir. The probiotic benefits are certainly there, are they not? Do you feel that the people who have issues with “store bought” milk still have them with good quality raw milk/products?

        • Jim,
          I think that a good quality kefir is good. I don’t talk about it much because I try to keep things simple and most people don’t know what Kefir is. But I consider kefir as the same as butter.
          I think that raw milk is much better than pasteurized milk. It has much more nutrition than store bought. I have done kinesiological testing with raw milk and still don’t find it to be a good dietary staple for people in general. I think that one big reason is that most of us can’t handle the casein protein in it. I like to go back to our ancestral roots and think that before we we domesticated animals we did not use milk. I think that in general we should only have mothers milk while we are infants. Otherwise we should not use it. But for what ever reason butter and kefir seem to be much better tolerated.

          To see more about kinesiological testing or muscle testing see http://www.muscletestingdoctor.com/

  2. LynnS says:

    It took me a long time to realize that dairy was causing me to have vertigo. A little bit of dairy and I could be flat on my back with vertigo for up to 48 hours. Most people think that if you do not have lactose intolerance, dairy is just fine.

    • Thank you for that amazing story Lynn! Many people have symptoms that they don’t associate with food sensitivities or allergies. You can have a headache, neck pain, constipation, diarrhea, mood swings, insomnia, drowsiness, sinus problems and much more. Even vertigo like you had in the past.

  3. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the article. It was good to read and confirm my suspicion about my own lower back pain and other strange body pains with relation to dairy consumption.
    I stopped eating dairy about a month ago and my lower back and other pains/stiffness have vanished. Eating some chocolate last week confirmed there is a link as the pain returned only to vanish a few days after eating the chocolate.
    It’s not easy to eliminate dairy when it’s found in so many corners of our society, but when you live pain free it makes the choice very clear.


  4. Andreas says:

    Thanks for a great post. Why is it that soy milk causes all the trouble that you mention? I too have found much relieve from my back pain after quitting lactose and gluten from my diet, but I some time drink soy milk without feeling the back pain that I get when consuming lactose. Can you explain that?

  5. Tyson says:

    “really bed low back pain” should be “really bad low back pain” FYI

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