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Water that is good for you

Water is essential. First of all, many people don’t drink water on a daily basis at all. For me this is hard to understand. For many others, they may think, “what is the big deal?” There are so many people … Continue reading

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Limits for food advertising for children

Advertising for fast food and junk food is being considered a problem.    Children see something that is “fun” and that their peers are doing and they want to do it too. For years the advertising of cereal, soda, snacks and … Continue reading

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Fortified food = veneered food

Foods that are “fortified” with synthetic vitamins are veneered. You know what a veneer is right? It is a thin artificial covering on something that mimics the real thing that is of better quality. Like when you go to a … Continue reading

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Milk Doesn’t do the body good

We have been told that milk and dairy are super foods for us. Well my opinion is very different. I think that dairy products (cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, etc…) makes us fat and causes many other health problems. Here is a … Continue reading

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Dieting is made complicated

The books out there about dieting are really complicated. You have to figure out percentages of proteins, carbs and fats. You have to count calories. You have to starve your self. You have to do a cleanse. You have to … Continue reading

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One of my favorite dinners

Low Carbohydrate Italian My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family was of Italian descent. I love Italian food but I can no longer eat pasta or bread. It just does me in. Here is a great Italian dish … Continue reading

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About eating right

As I was sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Portland today and educating myself about how to reach the masses via the “blog” while enjoying an organic americano. A “guardian” to a little boy, about 7 years … Continue reading

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