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Dangers of Splenda

Splenda… Don’t do it! Sugar and artificial sweeteners (Splenda included) are a big deal to me. I usually don’t try to push my beliefs and ways on to my friends, but if they ask then I am willing to get … Continue reading

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Obama’s Food Marketing Crackdown.

Obama’s Food Police! Yesterday I was told about an article on that at first had me a little scared, then relieved and happy, then a little scared again. The article “Obama’s Food Police in Staggering Crackdown on Market to … Continue reading

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Look at research carefully

Research may be misleading There is a great post by Megan Choy on Alternative Medicine Views about how research can be misleading. When I heard about a research project that claimed “Fat rich foods make you fat” that was posted … Continue reading

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Water vs Sports drinks

How to you hydrate? When I was a “badass” living in New York City, I got into amateur motocross racing. Of course I though that “gatorade” was the best thing for me to drink. They even brought a gatorade tanker … Continue reading

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Dairy intolerance symptoms

Go Non Dairy Over the years of working with patients in a holistic health sense, I have seen many miracles. I never really “heal” anyone. What happens is I help the patient heal themselves. I coach them to regain their … Continue reading

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Soy Dangers

Soy, the un-health food. Over the years I have seen how large corporations, lobbyists and public relation firms can make the general population believe what they want. The power of influence is enormous! And people believe what they are told … Continue reading

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Weight gain, aging and cancer… Sugar

Sugar is causing premature aging, weight gain and cancer! I don’t care how healthy you are. You have eaten refined sugar (or worse) in some form or another. Don’t lie to me… I know you have! Sugar is such a … Continue reading

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