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How to eat right

I used to be overweight, have severe fatigue, joint pains, seasonal allergies, immune system weakness, learning disorders, severe digestion problems and couldn’t run more than a quarter mile without having pains in my side and taking pills for pain relief.

I used to eat doughnuts, pastries and breakfast cereals in the morning. For lunch I used to eat pizza, bagels, sandwiches and and a lot of the same for dinner while also eating cookies, brownies, all sorts of candy bars.  I rarely drank water and would regularly drink soda with every meal except breakfast where I would drink fruit juice or chocolate milk.

I never knew that the food I was eating was killing me.

When I was in grad school, when I was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life, I tried different ways of eating “Healthier” I tried eating by the USDA’s “food pyramid” guidelines, a low fat diet, vegetarian diet, the Atkins diet and many more. I got sicker and sicker.

I finally found a doctor who helped me. He was the doctor to other doctors and taught around the world. With his treatment and his guidelines for eating the way humans have been eating for nearly 200 thousand years, my health turned around immediately.

For over a decade of working with patients with many different types of health conditions I have seen this way of eating right work over and over again. Even people who were not under my care and not receiving my treatment who started eating right were having dramatic results with losing weight and feeling better.

These patients would also tell me that they new that they felt much better eating right because as soon as they would slip back into eating what they used to eat they would gain weight and not feel well again.

I put together the eating right method through my years of trial and error of what works for me and my patients and their families and loved ones. This breakthrough still amazes me because of the dramatic results that can be had from this simple method. The results are consistent and predictable.

As I teach other doctors to use this method with their patients they also report back to me that their patients also have great results with eating the way that we were designed to eat. I actually encourage my student to tell their patients to eat this way or else they may not be able to help them with their health problems.

This system works so well that I want to tell you how to use it… For free! I enjoy helping people in simplest and fastest ways I can. The simplest and fastest way for you to lose weight and feel better is to use the eating right diet.

  • Eating right will help you lost weight fast. I’ve seen many patients lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks
  • This is one of the simplest ways to eat. There are so many complicated ways of eating out there that don’t even work as well
  • I have used this way of eating right for myself and have seen first hand how well it works
  • In my decade plus of working with patients I have seen eating right work for them and even their family and friends who I have not even treated

Here it is:

Eating right diet

Eat dense proteins at least three times a day

  • The portion that you need is about the size of your hand
  • Dense protein includes: Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, duck, ostrich, venison, caribou, eggs and any other animal proteins.
  • The best protein is fresh, organic and if you can find it “free range”

Fresh Vegetables

  • Eat the whole vegetable don’t drink it. No juiced vegetables.
  • Except white potatoes, bean and lentils
  • Green beans are ok

Fresh fruit

  • Eat fruit between your meals
  • Don’t mix fruit in your stomach with veggies or proteins
  • Don’t drink fruit juice
  • Don’t eat dried fruit

Good oils

  • Use butter (butter that is yellow is best. It comes from grass fed cows. “Kerry Gold Irish Butter” is a good example)
  • Use olive oil
  • Don’t eat foods with canola oil, vegetable oil, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

Drink water

  • Drink a liter of water for every 50 pounds of body weight
  • Drink water first thing in the morning, this is when you are the most dehydrated
  • Distilled water is best for most people. Second best is filtered.
  • Don’t drink tap water, reverse osmosis water, or any other types of “enhanced” water

Eat every two hours

  • Eat small amounts of food in between your meals
  • This prevents your body from going into starvation mode and causes you to burn fat

Avoid the following

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Dairy (butter is ok)
  • Soy

Don’t eat any refined foods

  • No white foods
  • No sugar
  • No grains
  • No bread
  • No pasta
  • No cereals
  • No rice
  • No cookies, cake, pie, candy, ice cream and other sweets
  • No sweeteners, natural or man made
  • No soda or sweetened drinks, sweetened tea, sweetened coffee drinks

Don’t eat any foods with ingredients in it that you can’t pronounce

  • No Monosodium glutamate
  • No hydrolyzed proteins
  • Etc…

Cut down alcohol to once or twice a week

  • Only a drink one or two drinks once or twice a week
  • Don’t drink cheap alcohol because they usually have chemicals added to speed up their production. This will cause you to feel worse and gain more weight.
  • Don’t drink domestic beer except “Coors” or microbrewery brands.

Only drink caffeine in the mornings

    • No caffeine after lunch
    • Only drink a cup or two
    • Don’t drink herbal teas on a daily basis
    • No sweeteners
    • No milk, soy milk, rice milk or other types of non dairy products. Hemp milk is ok.

Read here about hemp benefits.

No popcorn

  • The little sharp pieces that get stuck in your teeth are like razor blades to the intestines and causes inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. Moreover, it can cause tooth decay and cavity. Check out West Cobb Dentistry website for more details and contact for scheduling check-up

No nuts or seeds

  • They contain “phytic acids” which block mineral absorption in you intestines and are physically rough on the intestines

If you want to speed up you weight loss stop eating all fruit also!

This is very simple. Just eat proteins, vegetables and fruits in between you meals. Cutting out fruit 100% will turbo charge losing weight. Eat something every two hours even if it is just a few small bites of something. Drink water on a empty stomach. These few sentences sum up the whole eating right diet. There is no measuring of fats and carbs. No calorie counting. No restricting the Amount you eat.

If you think about it. Our bodies are like a very precise machine. Like a high performance car. If you put good gas into the car it works beautifully. If you put cheap gas or the wrong type of gas in the car it will run poorly or not run at all. Our bodies are the same way. If we don’t put in the right fuel, it will not work well.

How to get started

  • Go to the store and buy some good fresh natural proteins and vegetables
  • Throw out every thing in your house that is not part of the eating right diet. If it is in your house you will eat it! Get it out now.
  • Make sure you have a good water supply. Have distilled water delivered, get a water distiller or get some at the grocery store. Or get a high quality water filter, not a “reverse osmosis” filter.
  • If you are eating out ask for substitutions for bread and starches. Instead of fries, rice, bread, bun or pasta substitute a side of veggies or a side salad. This is usually not a problem. I’ve been doing it for years.
  • Plan out your meals. Have salads with protein, steamed or sautéed veggies with protein, soups, stews. Look on to look for recipes from the top chefs in the world…for free! There is a learning curve. You have to get used to preparing or eating in a new way. There are some very satisfying recipes and food out there to eat that don’t include bread, pasta, grains, potatoes, etc…

Don’t procrastinate, start today! If you fall off of the wagon, just realize it and figure out what happened and start back up again. Become aware of why you sabotage your eating right and it will happen less and less in the future.

Give it at least two weeks to a month to see results.

  • Instead of weighing yourself on a scale measure you waist line first thing in the morning after you use the restroom.
  • You will be burning fat and putting on muscle. Muscle weighs more that fat so weighing yourself on a scale might not be the best indicator that you are losing fat at first. Measuring your waist is the best method. You will also notice you pants feeling looser as you eat right.
  • Also notice how your energy and emotions and any other health problems you have are after a few weeks. All sorts of health problems will start clearing up.
  • Start a journal with you waist measurements, how you feel and any slip ups you had from eating right and why they happened. Be honest with yourself if you want to succeed. You might also want to take a picture of yourself and put it in your journal to do before and after photos. You might not notice any difference in the mirror because you see yourself every day. But a picture will show you the difference. Get more healthy lifestyle tips at Stay slender and beautiful!

Get from CoolSculpting EDU about weight loss.

60 Responses to eating right diet

  1. Lianna says:

    The best diet ever. Works 100% guaranty! I done it ! Thank you Robert!

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  3. AshleyPDX says:

    What about peanut/almond butters? Also what constitutes a good snack can you give some examples. I eat a Mozzerella stick a lot of times as a snack is cheese of limits?

    • drciprian says:

      Nuts, seeds, beans (especially soy) and grains have a high amount of Phytic Acid which prevent us form absorbing minerals in our intestines like Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium. These minerals are very important for your health and if we continuously eat foods with high amounts of Phytic Acid it will not be good.

      There are also problems with eating milk products in general. Casein and maybe even whey can be harmful to us (butter in ok, it doesn’t contain casein). We only started eating large amounts of dairy lately in the grand scheme of our human timeline. Indigenous cultures that would use nuts and seeds had ways of fermenting them to make them more digestible.

      Does that help?

      • John Finnegan says:

        Why can we “■Eat the whole vegetable don’t drink it. No juiced vegetables.” I understand juicing removes the fiber, but what if we make smoothies (blender)?

        • Thank you for your question John.

          When you juice vegetables they no longer solid and then then they digests much faster. Chewing has a very important role in digestion and chewing actually starts the digestion process. Fiber is important too. To juice once in a while is OK but you don’t want to rely on it for long periods of time.

          • Zac says:

            Not too bad. One thing I disagree with is your choice of water. Drinking only distilled water is not natural and can be dangerous. Reverse osmosis does not remove the trace minerals in the water that keep your electrolytes in proper balance, distilled however is a water stripped of these minerals.

          • I understand that there is a concern. I have been drinking distilled water for over 15 years myself and I monitor my health very well. With kinesiological testing (which is my gold standard when used properly by a professional) reverse osmosis water almost causes a weakness to the body. Distilled or a very high end carbon filter is usually good. see for more about kinesiological testing.

          • Angela says:

            Cellulase digests cellulose and is contained in the plant. We don’t make cellulase. Blending vegetables is good because you are breaking the cell was and releasing the cellulase. This is why a green smoothie digests easier than a green salad. Juicing has a place when the digestive system has been compromised. The nutrients are readily absorbed, but because you miss the fiber and bulk– it’s just not a natural process generally and can spike blood sugar.

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  16. Kristin says:

    I have been following the Weston A price way of eating for a while now and making crispy nuts from the nourishing traditions book and also soaking beans with apple cider vinegar to break down the phylates. Do you not recommend this or are you just trying to make it simple for people by saying no beans.

    • Thank you for your comment Kristin!

      I am trying to make things simple for people. Fermenting beans and nuts does improve the way that they are handled by the body. In the future I will do a post about fermentation and recommend Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I think that this is very valuable information. I’ve noticed that trying to change the way that people eat is just as hard as getting someone to start an exercise regime, maybe even harder because of the emotional attachment to the food that they eat. I do want to eventually add in some more advanced info but I want to make the transition for people as easy as possible.

      What are your thoughts?

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  20. shana says:

    I have been on WW since late July and have only lost 10lbs…eating right has always been a struggle. Cutting out all the items listed is hard for my brain to wrap around. Can you offer a couple sample meals and snacks? Any help is appreciated..

    • Hello Shana,

      You have lost 10lbs, congratulations! Many people would be ecstatic about losing 10lbs.

      Getting into the eating right groove can be difficult. One thing that I always recommend is to look at You can enter what ever ingredients that you are looking to cook and they will provide you with multiple recipes some of which are by world famous celebrity chefs! You can also start your own “recipe box” on there where you can store and organize you favorites and email them to your friends and family.

      One way to stick to eating right if you are cooking at home is to not have problem foods in the house. If they are there, you’ll eat them. The problem foods that I am talking about are wheat (and other grains in general), Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, etc… butter is OK), Soy, refined sugar, rice, potatoes and sometimes corn.

      With these out of your house you basically want to make meals that consist of vegetables and protein. This can be salads with meat (beef, chicken, fish, turkey, duck, pork, eggs, etc…). Sauteed, steamed or stir fried vegetables and proteins. Soups or stews and vegetables.

      One favorite of mine is a chicken and andouille sausage gumbo (w/out the rice). (There is a recipe on by Rachel Ray!). Another is to make or buy a good quality marinara sauce, with some italian sausage on top of sauteed vegetables instead of pasta (bell peppers, onions, zucchini, broccoli)

      Instead of sandwiches you can roll any desired ingredients into a couple large romaine lettuce leaves.

      Eggs with vegetables and protein for breakfast are great too (eggs, kale or spinach or other greens, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, garlic, shallot, green onions, leeks, peas, carrots, etc… with some bacon or sausage)

      Here are a few things that I regularly do. There will be some recipes and cookbooks available on here in the future!

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  22. Joe says:

    Following advise from a friend, I substituted rice and other grains for Quinoa. Would you recommend cutting that out as well?

    Also, what is your recommendation on cooking with cocoanut oil?

    • I would cut out the grains and rice although rice is the least of the evils-in small amounts.

      I am not a fan of coconut oil. The late Dr. Victor Frank, who was a natural medicine genius, always said stay away from coconut unless you actually are getting it from the tree itself. He believed that with extended time of it being off of the tree and with the processing it was not a healthy choice.

      Kinesiologic testing has also shown that un-fresh, processed coconut is not good for the human body in general. That is my opinion.

  23. Lon says:

    Wow, this is a great post. I half expected you to charge us for this information when I first started reading it at the beginning.
    Thanks for sharing! You make the world a better place.

  24. Virginia says:

    I don’t understand – why would you cut so many healthy things from your diet? Fruit is good for you, grains are good for you, soy is good for you. In moderation when harvested from a pure source (like your backyard). The idea that cutting fruit from your diet completely will benefit you is scary to me. Cutting anything naturally grown seems – strange. Didn’t the earth put it here for a reason? Monkeys aren’t dying of diabetes or obesity because they eat mangos. The people of the tropics aren’t facing high blood pressure because of pineapples.

    And nuts have important nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, they are high is unsaturated fats necessary for your fat soluble vitamins. And eating THAT much meat seems excessive and dangerous – meat is where saturated fat comes from – the artery clogging stuff that kills you. Apples aren’t the culprit here. (I am NOT saying don’t eat meat, though I find it easier to abstain than finding actual humane, natural meat. All I am saying is small amounts are fine. The average American eats far too much protein, almost 3x as much as the rest of the world. And we are the ones with an ‘obesity epidemic’).

    I don’t want to seem ostentatious or self righteous but I find it hard to believe that such an unnatural diet is considered ‘healthy’.

    • Hello Virgina and thank you for your comments.

      Fruit is good for you when it is in season in the region where you live. Fruit is also good for you if you don’t have unstable blood sugar, stressed adrenal glands, imbalanced thyroid, cancer, or candida/yeast overgrowth. Fresh Whole fruit is the best type of sugar for humans, even more so at the time of year it is in season and eaten in the region where it comes from.

      Humans are not designed to eat large amounts of grains. With the advent of agriculture the wellbeing of the human species has declined. We have become shorter, weaker and have become susceptible to many more diseases that weren’t present before agriculture. Regular consumption of grains in our diet leads to many health concerns. Grains, besides being high in carbohydrates, contain gluten, phytic acids, gliadin. These stress the body in large amounts.

      Nuts in small amounts can be ok but most of us eat bowl full of them in a day. this is way too much. You have to think in hunter and gatherer perspective. Nuts and grains would be in small amounts and not constantly eaten on a regular basis. Nuts also contain phytic acids.

      Healthy, Organic, Free range meat is good for us. Without good amounts of meat human would not of made it this far. We need a regular intake of tyrosine and cholesterol in our diets to stay healthy. If you avoid meat that is processed with chemicals or from animals that were living on hormones, antibiotics or an improper diet then, you are eating healthy meat. And I am not talking about eating a few pounds of meat a day either. The size of the palm of you hand a few times a day is a good average to eat.

      A natural diet for humans is animal protein (from a good natural source and minimally processed), vegetables (preferably in season), and fruits (that are in season and if the person is in good health).

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  29. Alissa says:

    The thing I have a hard time with is the meat. I cannot afford to buy that much meat, nor can I stomach eating that much protein that way. It’s not easy or cheap to find organic free range meats where I live, and I really just don’t like cooking or eating it very much. I have experienced hypertension and high cholesterol by age 30, and have cut 90% of meat from my diet since then.
    I would love to be able to substitute with fish, but again this is completely out of my budget. Eggs can partially fill in, but due to my cholesterol levels I need to limit consumption. I have been supplementing my protein intake with lentils beans and quinoa. With all these off the table, I feel my diet would be severely lacking.
    Is there any variations to this diet so that I could follow it without consuming huge expensive amounts of meat and still get the protein I need?

    • Alissa, you don’t have to consume large amounts of meat. A little a few times a day is recommended. Eggs are a perfect source of protein.

      You need to look more into the myth of cholesterol. You only absorb about 20% from your food. Eggs actually contain an enzyme that breaks down cholesterol. You cholesterol becomes high due to stresses on your body (emotionally, chemically, physically, etc. ). Yes, there are a small amount of people who have a predisposition to extremely high cholesterol, but is not common.

      Search my site for more info on cholesterol.

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  36. Paul Lund says:

    What about bread that is made of sprouts and no flour like ezekiel?

  37. Marie says:

    I have been following this diet for 10 days. I weighed 330 pounds when I started and now weigh 302 pounds. i have lost 20 inches overall! I feel better, I sleep better, I feel the need to be active and it’s all because i eat better. I have strugled with being heavy all my life and at the age of 32 began to feel unwell, had chest pains, my legs hurt – no major health issues but I felt them coming. I have two young kids and needed to do it for all of us – they say I’m melting :) lol. I have to say that my nutritionist advised me of this, she called it a detox. When I felt that I needed some additional help with cravings and with accepting this new lifestyle, I consulted a hypnotherapist and now it’s all natural to me. You can all do it and so can I, I have 100 more pounds to melt away then I’ll be satisfied! Don’t question it, it’s better than any gimmicky diet out there – I tried them all! I do have one question: I went to a chineese restaurant and ordered beef and broccoli which was great until I started feeling super thirsty. The waitress told me after filling my water for the fourth time that it may be because of the MSG… oh God, what can this MSG do to my body during this detox???

    • Thank you for sharing Marie!

      MSG can cause dehydration and toxicity. I can affect you digestion, nervous system and endocrine system. The only thing I can say is try to avoid it. Ask restaurants about their ingredients and just don’t eat a places that serve food that makes you feel unhealthy.


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  39. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It’s always useful to read content from other authors and use something from other websites.

  40. julie says:

    Dr Cipriani, very interesting article. my. son was diagnosed in the autism spectrum last year and since then, I have been learning a lot about nutrition. I read Natasha Campbell McBride’s book and for the first time understood the danger of grains.

    My son now mainly eats animal protein and veggies. But he is 3 years old, I just can’t make him eat a varied diet of veggies, say kale, cabbage… and he loves beans and lentils. So he has egg andbutternut squash in the morning, and will eat broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, hut not much more. what should I do? If I take the greens out, he will eat the same every day of the year… also, I started to give him camels milk as its supposed to be so good. but you are not in favour of dairy… what do we do? I don’t want to depend on supplements to get all his nutrients.

    please can you advise me on what to do? And virgin cold pressed coconut oil is supposed to be amazing antiviral, I tend to give it to him when he has his banana, the only possible snake he will have. what do I do about both? getting him to eat celery or raw carrot is not realistic…

    many thanks!!


  41. Brittany says:

    I have PCOS. Do you recommend any vitamins to take to help with getting healthy and losing weight??

  42. Evalyn says:

    Greetings – Thank you for your website, information, service and all you do for others.

    1. What is your view on Stevia for a sugar substitute
    2. What is the best way to gain back weight, I am 5′ In three months time have lost 20 lbs, not trying or intending on it . Am 90-95 lbs from 115 (Have been on QRA program (Quantum Reflex) Analysis. Have been doing a lot of raw foods, superfood smoothie in the morning, and specific nutritional supplements based on muscle testing. I want to gain some weight back. But don’t do meats. Do do sockeye salmon and organic pasteurized eggs a few times a week. I don’t do gluten or wheat.
    3. Are you familiar with QRA – and what are your thoughts on it.

  43. Tara says:

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS and am changing to paleo but was advised to pair any fruit ( in moderation ) with protein to keep blood sugar stable and eat fruit before noon as well. Would you agree with this ? Also is activated charcoal sticks suitable for water filtration of tap? They make great in the go filters.

  44. Kirk Alexander says:

    Dr. Ciprian –

    Wow, thanks for your commitment to your work and your obvious desire to help others through your work. I live in L.A. and am definitely going to try and make a road trip to Las Vegas to see Dr. Francis if possible. I have psoriatic arthritis (severe case of psoriasis) and have been plagued with digestive troubles for my entire adult life. My skin is currently clear, only because I am on infusions of a biologic drug called Remicade, which I don’t want to have to be on, but when I have come off it (and tried exhaustive alternative measures including diet, supplements, and pretty much you name it alternative therapies), my skin becomes so covered with lesions that it itches profusely and ultimately bleeds. That said, I still have hope that one day I will be able to again attempt coming off of the Remicade, and that my skin will remain clear. I also take Low Dose Naltrexone, which as you may know, many people who are autoimmune have had much success with over time.

    Concerning your diet information above …

    Although different bodies react differently and there are always exceptions to the rule (food intolerances galore in some – i.e. fructose intolerance and therefore trouble with all fruit, as well as damaging effects of otherwise healthy foods – i.e. Eat Right For Your Blood Type), I feel like you, along with your mentors, have nailed and simplified the most beneficial universal diet. And the way that you have articulated it above is super easy to understand. THANK YOU.

    That said, I have questions about two food “items” that I didn’t see mentioned above.

    1. Although you did indicate no dairy, what are your feelings about *raw dairy*, including raw cow, goat, sheep, and camel … milk, yogurt, and in particular, kefir. You are no doubt familiar with the “raw milk cure”, I am assuming? I currently consume raw sheep milk and raw sheep kefir, and although I am completely lactose intolerant to all store bought, pasteurized and homogenized dairy, and am not at all affected by any lactose that is present in raw dairy, I am still not convinced that I do not have a problem with dairy period as a result of the potential intolerance to the *casein*.

    That said, I think the value of the probiotic/healthy bacteria in the raw dairy I am consuming cannot be understated. If the above is all accurate, I guess the question is, what to do? Too consume or not? Is there a way, for instance, to permanently remove the casein sensitivity, using NAET for instance? Or, if one’s leaky gut is eventually completely healed largely through the consumption of healthy bacteria (such as raw dairy, for instance), could that possibly make an individual tolerate casein?

    2. And what about *lacto-fermented vegetables*, eaten with each meal? Supposedly a study was performed in Europe where a bunch of people with compromised health/compromised guts consumed lacto-fermented veggies (a quarter cup three times a day for one year), and in all of them, after one years time, all of their food sensitivities/intolerances were completely gone, implying that there gut was completely healed and restored, like new, allowing them to potentially “eat whatever they want”, in moderation, of course, but without having to worry about further sickness and delayed reactions (fatigue, etc., etc.) as a result.

    Thoughts? Thanks for reading!

  45. heather says:

    Excellent diet. A friend of mine who was also a patient of Dr. Timothy Francis and studying pre-med at UNLV (he continued in Oregon studying alternative medicine), taught me this diet about 8 or 9 yrs ago. My health improved a great deal. Several years later I became interested in the vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diets. What a nightmare! I just recently went back to the diet my dr friend taught me and I feel GREAT! I can actually focus! I was in a “vegan fog” for 3 years and really didn’t realize how sick i was becoming. THANK YOU for putting out this diet for us and making it so accessible.

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