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Dr. Robert Ciprian

Hello, thank you for being interested in who I am. I’m not your regular doctor type. I am the only professional in my family. I grew up in Flushing and Fresh Meadows, NY. My father was an outlaw biker but a brilliant engineer and my mother went to work when I was a young kid to help support my brother and me.

I grew up regularly being sick. Every year I would be sick two or three time with severe bronchitis. At times, I would miss a week or two of school when I would fall ill. I would  lose about 10 pounds as a result. Health was always a struggle for me. I had a average american diet growing up. I would eat sugary cereals and doughnuts for breakfast. Sandwiches or pizza for lunch. Sometimes we would have home cooked dinner and sometimes we would eat fast food. There was always sugar in the house. Cookies, ice cream, chocolate, candy, coke, pepsi, 7up in all of their many flavors.

This is the part that is really different. Growing up in Queens, NY, the kids that I went to school with and that lived in my neighborhood got into more and more trouble as I grew up. By the time I was in high school we were operating as a street gang. There were drugs, guns, turf wars and a lot of graffiti going on. I got into the graffiti part the most and pursued the “artistic” side of it until I was being featured in national and international graffiti art magazines, graffiti video magazines and on the TV news.I enjoyed the power of being a graffiti artist. I still enjoy art.

I’ve been shot at more that most police officers and I was living a life of watching over my shoulder. I wanted to change my life and I had a drive to do so. In 1995 the stress of the NY streets plus many personal problems caused me to pack up my things and move out to Los Angeles, CA to start a new life and become a doctor. I knew two people from NY that were in California when I moved out there. So the first few months I was in Los Angeles I hung with the west coast connection of my crew from New York. Soon enough I was put into the L.A.P.D. “CRASH” anti-gang task force files. LOL. Oh well, I figured that I better make some friends at school and sever my ties to NY to stay out of trouble.

I chose chiropractic because I didn’t have to deal with blood or guts. I’ve passed out from seeing my own blood before, or maybe it was from the metal pipe that I was being beaten over my head with that night. Oh well, that stuff isn’t for me anyway. I was interested in the stories that I’ve heard about the miracles that could be done with chiropractic. It was different, it was rebellious but it helped people. I heard about it helping HIV patients and helping with learning disorders, etc… Something about being different and dramatically helping people turns me on.

Chiropractic also changed something about my health that was pretty dramatic. I used to get severely ill every Christmas season for as long as I could remember. I would be sick for about 10 days at a time. The first year that I started chiropractic treatments I didn’t get sick that year. I broke the cycle.

I figured the these mysterious chiropractic circumstances were really cool and that excited me. Although I was gearing up for more of a sports medicine career because it seemed like the macho thing to do. And I didn’t know where to follow the thread of the miracles of natural medicine that I have heard about.

My first week in school at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles I met this doctor who had a very successful practice. He did something called muscle testing or applied kinesiology. I saw him working with people, testing their muscles, and having things change about their bodies right before my eyes. I was hooked. This was what I was looking for.

I started studying several forms of muscle testing and applied kinesiology my first month of school and didn’t stop. I eventually became a leader in the school, heading the Applied Kinesiology Club on campus and I had different doctors in the field come in to talk to us and demonstrate.

Although while my excitement was building with learning this voodoo medicine. My health was going down hill fast. I was having severe fatigue, I couldn’t focus, My immune system started going down, I was becoming very sick at times again, My digestion was getting severely bad. Sometimes I would eat and my food would pass right through me within the hour. I started getting all sorts of treatments but nothing would help.

The stuff that I was learning would help other people. I know because I was having miraculous results working on other students with things like respiratory infections, severe pms cramping, injuries to the spine, arms and legs. I was already getting better success with some of the student population than seasoned doctors were getting in their practice. But still, nothing helped me.

At one point I was so sick that for 3 months in a row, I couldn’t eat or get out of bed or off the couch for a week at a time. I was failing out of my classes at school because I couldn’t focus. I was in trouble.

While I was taking all of my weekend seminar education in muscle testing and applied kinesiology, I always saw this one doctor. He was the 6ft 2in Irish guy that always wore really expensive suits and drove expensive cars. At every seminar I attended on the topic of muscle testing I saw him there. There was always a line of other doctors waiting to get worked on by him on breaks, in the evenings or just in the back of the room while there was a class going on. Some of the doctors that were lecturing would talk about what he had taught them! He was very unapproachable to a student like me. I asked him once if I could observe him in practice to see what he does (which most doctors are happy to do) and he told me that he doesn’t let students in his office. Damn!

So another time I saw him… and I was desperate. I was not doing well at all. I told him about all of my health problems -the whole list -and asked him if he though the could help me. He said in a very a matter of fact way, of course. Just come to my office ( and pay me a shit load of money too!). I had no other choice. I got together enough money between me and my girlfriend at the time and drove up to Las Vegas to get a treatment from this guru.

His office was packed. He was running behind. He had an assistant do all sorts of weird tests on me that are not mainstream medical tests but seemed really important. He looked at my file and testing results, as well as blood and urine tests that I had sent to him in advance and asked me questions.

Then he started treating me. I was used to muscle testing techniques from all of the additional education I was doing outside of my school curriculum but what he was doing was different than what I have been learning. After the hour appointment with him I walked out of the office in a daze. I felt about 50 pounds lighter, my visions was very defined and colors seemed brighter than usual. The sky was bluer, the grass was greener (I didn’t know that there was any grass in Vegas until that moment, it popped out at me), when I walked it felt like I was gliding. Like I never walked so easily before. I felt like a different person. I went home that evening and walked into my apartment and my girlfriend at the time was staring at me with her mouth wide open. She asked me what happened at the treatment in Vegas. I said I wasn’t sure. She told me that my face changed, that I looked different (to this day I have my old drivers license with a photo of me that looks like a different person than I am now).

I then started following this doctor around and it’s been over 12 years now. He became a mentor to me and started to teach me what he knew and told me who else to learn from and what to read. I was asked to help him teach his classes as soon as I graduated school. Then he encouraged me to get my Diplomate degree in Applied Kinesiology so that I could teach others also.

This is the doctor who also taught me how to eat properly. How to “eat right”. Dr. Timothy Francis of Las Vegas, NV. He followed the dietary advice from Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology, Weston A. Price, Dr. Royal Lee, and others. How taught me how important it is to eat good food. Even though a gifted doctor can change the way someone feels in a short time, the person has to put good fuel into their body to keep the momentum up. Or else the problems that were corrected will come back.

I’ve now been in private practice and teaching for over a decade. I practiced in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles after I graduated from school. Then I moved to Portland, Oregon. Over the years I have had some failures in practice and in teaching but the vast majority are successes. I recommend that my patients and students “eat right” and not only do they find that they lose excess weight, but they have sharper minds, more energy, don’t get sick as often and are generally happier in life. When they slip back off of this method of eating they can actually feel their health deteriorating again. The good thing is that they know what to do. To “eat right” again.

So, as of now I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, On the Board of Certified Teachers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a co-host on Get Fit Now Radio on www.cascadia.fm.

For a nutritional consultation call 503-222-5509.

For Professional Applied Kinesiology holistic health treatment go to www.drciprian.com

For seminars and workshops go to www.cipriansystems.com.


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  1. Lyla Wisseh says:

    Like a Beginner, I am constantly looking on the net for articles that may support me. Thank you Wow! Thank you! I often desired to create in my site some thing like that. Can i get part of your post to my weblog?

  2. Christina says:

    I found your website through a comment on Dr. Mercola’s website and I’m so glad I happened to click on your website! I am five month’s postpartum with my second child and trying to lose weight. I was already eating pretty healthy but knew I needed to kick it up a notch. I knew I needed to cut out a few things but I just wanted someone to simply tell me what to eat. I am so glad I found your “eat right diet” which isn’t even a “diet” at all but more a realisitc way of eating to be healthy. It was just the right thing I needed to hear and inspire me to make the best choice I can every time I sit down to eat to be healthy and happy. It’s been 4 days for “eating right” and I’ve lost 3 pounds! I’m now going to read about your Chiropractic practice and hopefully find someone in my area that I can see. Thank you for putting your message out there!

    • Hello Christina,

      Thank you for sharing that with us. I am glad that you are able to take you health into your own hands! Hearing stories like this keep me wanting to share what I know with the world. Keep us updated.


  3. Markt says:

    I am wondering if the applied kineseology program covers specifics of nutrition? Or if there is a formal nutrition class covered?

  4. Di says:

    I leave in South Florida,can you please recomend me a good doctor that practise applied kinesiology around her?thank you very much !

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