Diet willpower

Staying on your diet. How to gain willpower.

Learn tools for willpower

Learn tools for willpower

You can probably do a diet for the short term, but when you are under stress of time or emotions you might say, Screw it! Even worse, sometimes after we have fell off the wagon we can’t climb back on! Alex Lickerman wrote a great article about how to use magical forces from the depths of your mind to increase your willpower, An Alternative to Willpower for Losing Weight.

No Animal testing here!

He also sites some great studies about cool experiments done on, not animals, but children! His article is about how to stick to Timothy Ferriss‘, Slow Carb Diet from The 4 Hour Body book.  I do totally endorse the Slow Carb Diet and Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body! It is along the same lines at my Eating Right Diet.

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2 Responses to Diet willpower

  1. DeAun Nelson says:

    Sounds like another version of restricted eating with rules to make it more tolerable. I don’t think I would jump on board the “it works” bandwagon when he has 14 patients for whom it is effective and he has not told us how long they have kept any weight off. When he has hundreds of patients who have managed to maintain their weight loss for over 5 years, then I might be curious to read an article about his “new” ideas. (Because really, they are as old as the sun, just repackaged.

  2. Amanda says:

    Isn’t the Slow Carb diet all about eating many portions of legumes? And yours is none?

    Its very confusing when you say none, but yet “endorse” his. I LOVE legumes.

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