Chicken is not a superfood

Everyone thinks that chicken is the wonder food in the protein category, “high in protein and low in fat”.

First of all “low fat” is not always healthier. Natural, unprocessed fats in general are good for us. We need cholesterol to make very important hormones like cortisone, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, aldosterone and more. We also need cholesterol for our nervous system. Fat is good for us.

Chickens naturally have a high amount of stress hormones. If you we regularly eat chicken we start increasing our levels of these stress hormones in our bodies and we start acting really nervous. We may be more anxious, more tense, can’t sleep as well. Think about it. When we eat animal proteins you will start acting like the animals that you Are eating. We absorb the hormones that they naturally have. Calmer animal proteins will calm us down. Also think about animals that aren’t “organic”. They usually have added hormones (like estrogen in chicken to increase breast size) or chemicals that “fatten” up the animals that we will ingest. These hormones and chemicals also effect us.

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4 Responses to Chicken is not a superfood

  1. Nicolette says:

    Book-marked, I love your blog! :)

  2. Wayne says:

    Hahaha we start acting like the animals we eat….What a crock!!!

  3. Zoele says:

    It’s no doubt we need cholesterol but lets just focus on your article and the claims at hand first. Chicken is a superfood? There’s no such thing as a super food. All foods have good and bad sides. If there was a superfood, it would be a balanced diet and that doesn’t gurantee much more than keeping you from doing more harm to yourself than you’re doing just by being a human being.

    It’s statements that you just made that turn you into someone just as bad as calling chicken a superfood. People will think “Yeah we need cholestorol so we let me eat all the grease and cholestorol ladden foods I can find”.

    Maybe you forgot to mention we produce sufficient quantities of cholestorol on our own from our own livers without the need to ingest high amounts of it. Many people who have high cholestorol have this simply because the liver is overworking. In their case they would consider rebalancing their diet to foods lacking in cholestorol while also taking medication to mediate those high levels.

    If you want to say Chicken is not a superfood, that’s fine. Afterall the statement is purely subjective. The “superfood” to someone is the “forbidden fruit” of another. 1 more thing: too much of anything is just that.

  4. Trevor says:

    When they hit one pound of food for one pound of meat. Run. Right now their pulling 1.4.

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