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Weight gain, aging and cancer… Sugar

Sugar is causing premature aging, weight gain and cancer! I don’t care how healthy you are. You have eaten refined sugar (or worse) in some form or another. Don’t lie to me… I know you have! Sugar is such a … Continue reading

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Limits for food advertising for children

Advertising for fast food and junk food is being considered a problem.    Children see something that is “fun” and that their peers are doing and they want to do it too.¬†For years the advertising of cereal, soda, snacks and … Continue reading

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Sugar makes you fat

It’s the sugar that makes you fat, not the fat. Why can’t people eat or dink something without it being sweetened? You go to any coffee shop and people aren’t usually ordering coffee. They are ordering dessert with some coffee … Continue reading

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Saturated fat can be used for weight loss and many other things… like stoping cancer!

A diet with a high amount of Saturated fat can help you lose weight, cure epilepsy and possibly slow down cancer! In 1957 the American Heart Association claimed that we need to reduce the saturated fat in our diets because … Continue reading

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Sugar addiction

Why do we have to have everything with sugar in it? I was looking at “organic” beef and chicken stock the other day and several of the brands I looked at had some sort of sweeteners added. The better ones … Continue reading

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