Remorse of not choosing to eat right

Yes, sometimes I make a poor choice and don’t eat right.

Last night I went to meet some friends to watch a Portland Trailblazer’s playoff game at a local restaurant. I don’t usually eat at this restaurant too often (because of their food selection, the Standard American Diet-SAD) but it is a good place to watch sports and I do like their beer selection :-). Well I was there for a while with friends having a good time and my girlfriend said that she was going to join us after class and more time went on.

After 2 drinking two pints of Guinness and by the time my girlfriend arrived I was really hungry (You shouldn’t usually do this because when you are hungry and even worse, a little buzzed, you will make a bad food decision). Well… I made a poor food decision. In my hungry, buzzed state I ordered a Louisiana hot link sausage sandwich (and I was unaware that it came with fries). I wasn’t really concerned about the sausage. It was from  local company that I know uses good ingredients. What I should of done was have the sausage without the bun and not had any fries. But no, I destroyed the sandwich and had about half of the fries.

Within  a few minutes did not feel very well. I felt tired and my gut was distended. I know that the wheat bun is not good for me and that I shouldn’t eat starches like potatoes or wheat with protein. And I am sure that they don’t use the best oils to fry the potatoes in. It’s probably canola oil or some other type of cheap, rancid oil which is really toxic.

At this point the self anger started to set in…lol. I realized that I made a bad choice. I took some digestive aids when I got home (Throne Research Betaine HCL with Pepsin) and drank some water later after I felt that the food was digested.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and I have low energy. In the past few days I have been feeling great. I have had good energy, My digestion has felt good and I had no stomach distention. I realized, even more so, that I made a bad choice. Even I have to keep falling down so that I know what my priorities are, to eat right. I too am tempted at times to eat like the average American but I have to remember to follow the healthy way of eating.


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  1. rasa Willis says:

    I swim, bike, run, dance, do yoga, hike. I love it. I constantly would have dull pain in the lower back. Nothing would help. I started to eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar from my diet. I felt better. Eventually I stopped eating any products that has gluten, dairy or sugars. My back doesn’t hurt anymore. Greatest part is that I am not craving for this kind food anymore.

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