One of my favorite dinners

Low Carbohydrate Italian

My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family was of Italian descent. I love Italian food but I can no longer eat pasta or bread. It just does me in.

Here is a great Italian dish that is low carb and gluten free.

This is what I do… I brown some pork hot Italian sausages¬†from DCW Casing in a little olive oil and then remove them. I then put in the leftover fat from the sausages some coarsely chopped shallots. When the shallots start to soften I put in some crushed garlic cloves and leave it on the heat for just a few minutes, but don’t burn the garlic. I then dump in a can of chopped tomatoes and a little tomato sauce and let it simmer. Add salt (I like redmond real salt), fresh cracked pepper, oregano, fresh basil and a bay leaf. When the sauce is simmering I add the sausages back in. let It simmer for a while for tender sausages.

In another pan I put some extra virgin olive oil and some sliced bell peppers (I prefer red, yellow or orange, not green) some sweet inion and some julienne cut zucchini. Salt, Pepper and oregano to taste. When veggies start to soften plate then and cover with sausage and sauce. No pasta but a bed of yummy veggies.

Add a salad with five or more colors and your have an amazing Italian meal with out gluten or high carb foods.

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5 Responses to One of my favorite dinners

  1. Debbie says:

    I will definitely be passing this recipe on to Tom. He does all our cooking now and anything gluten-free is welcome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Week 2 of my gluten free diet and my bank account is hurting. I will be making my own bread and baked goods from now on. glutenfree baking

    • drciprian says:

      I don’t know what you are eating but gluten free or even better eating right is not that expensive. The meal I made (8 sausages, 1 bell pepper, 1 onion, 1 lg can of crushed tomatoes and 1 small can of tomato sauce) was under $15 and it will last for 4 regular portions or 6-8 smaller portions.

      Gluten free bread is better, but you are still eating grains and carbs. Not what we are designed to eat. Imagine you 100,000 years ago. there is no bread… not even gluten free bread. Proteins + vegetables, that’s what you would be eating.

  3. frostwire says:

    trying to find you on facebook, wats ur profile

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