Limits for food advertising for children

Advertising for fast food and junk food is being considered a problem. 

Limits for food advertising for children

Dangerous food for children


Children see something that is “fun” and that their peers are doing and they want to do it too. For years the advertising of cereal, soda, snacks and fast food has been causing huge problems with the health of the children of the US. Now the federal government has announced new guidelines to overhaul the food industry’s advertising toward children. We are finally realizing that there is a problems with these artificial foods that we are feeding children. they are poison!

The advertising firms and large food corporations know that if you make a food fun and colorful in advertising that children are going to want it and most parents will go along with it not considering the long term damage they are doing to their children. This is really evil. These foods are ruining the health of many youngsters.

Food colorings, sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings, “Enriched” grains, “Fortified” foods, trans fats are all responsible for the obesity, A.D.D., emotional problems, allergies, learning disabilities and earlier and earlier onset of type 2 diabetes that are so common with children in our modern age.

These foods cause blood sugar problems, toxicity problems, shorter attentions spans, mental irritation, immune system problems and much more.

The best way to help your children is to have your whole family do a eating right diet. Fresh, whole foods that are nutritious and healthy for you and your children.

For more about this see: “Obama’s Food Marketing Crackdown.”

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4 Responses to Limits for food advertising for children

  1. The fact is right. With many children are now involved with these advertisements, they thought that it was just a fun, but they don’t really have the idea that they were sell by the advertisers.

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  3. Dave says:

    Yeah I agree with all the above. I reckon there’s a big conspiracy in the food industry and that food has become an addiction. Likely due to all the chemicals in food that makes processed food as addictive as nicotine.

    Food, pharmaceutical drugs (anti-depressants), and war are extremely profitable, and funny that the biggest corporations own all these. They also own the banks and the government.

    That said, we have to all be grateful we are not starving to death and have high standard of living, with healthcare etc. How long for is the question.



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