Eating on the dark side

Eating on the dark side? Use Food-tuition.

What! You are cheating on your diet? Diet infidelity happens. I understand, I

Refined Sugar and Carbs

Eating on the dark side

am human also.

I want to help guide you when you go to the dark side and eat foods that are more stressful to our body. Which foods are these? Look at the eating right diet and you will see.

If you are in tune with your body you will feel your limits on many things. This is intuition. Everyone has some. The more you recognize it the more you can use it.

Some people are not in touch with their body and may just eat and eat things that are not healthy for them. When you do the eating right diet for even a few weeks, you will become in tune with what is good for your body and what is not good for your body.

The healthier you eat, the more you will not feel good when you eat foods that are not healthy.  You will eventually develop that intuition that I am talking about. We have been eating bad food for so long that we don’t feel that ill effects that they have on our body and more. It’s not your fault, you have become numb to it. But there is a solution. Start eating right for just a few weeks or a month and you will start to feel how some foods cause you to not feel well.

Look, if you are like me you were fed sugars, starches and chemicals at a young age. Look at the ingredients in baby foods. This is ridiculous! I’m sure that you were rewarded as a child with sweets, ice cream, candy, etc… And then when you were “bad” you were told that you couldn’t have these addictive, evil foods.

You may have had some reactions to these foods as a child and  your parents didn’t know what to make of it. Allergic reactions, fatigue, mood swings, angry outbursts. Just watch any young child that is fed sugar and give it 10-20 minutes. You will see a change if they are in tune with their body.

But what if someone feels ok when they eat these foods?

With prolonged exposure to what is not good for us we deaden our senses and become numb to it.  It’s similar to putting a frog in a pot of room temperature water and slowly turning up the heat. It doesn’t realize that it’s cooking to death. But when you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will jump out because it can feel the heat.

We have been slowly having the heat turned up on us for our whole lives. If you reset your body by being vigilant and eating right for a few weeks to a month you will feel the difference. You will also lose fat and feel better.

Then you have your guide, your barometer, your intuition.

I do eat right most of the time. But I am human and I sometimes go to the dark side. This is what I do when I go there:

  • When you are eating something that that is not healthy for you, listen to your body
  • Your mouth may say that it tastes REALLY good, but there is a point where your body (gut, heart, etc…) says, “that is enough”
  • At this point… STOP! Stop eating what you are stuffing in your face
  • Be happy that you felt you intuition and that you will still feel good later or in the morning

I use this when I do something like eat pizza ( I haven’t had any in over a month), sweets, carbs or even foods that are in the eating right category. I may start eating the slice of pizza and 2/3 of the way through I may get a feeling of “that’s enough!” and I know to stop here.

Don’t be mislead by cravings

Some people think that the cravings that they have are the same as their intuition. They are very different! Would your intuition really be telling you to eat that one pound slice of double chocolate cake? I don’t think so. “But it’s organic double chocolate cake”. I don’t care. It still has some form of sugar and carbs… and Chocolate is an intestinal irritant. Just realize there are differences between food cravings and your intuition.

Here are some other tips for embracing your shadow side of eating:

  • Eat healthy food before and after you eat something that is not good for you, don’t go on a “binge”
  • Drink water after your food has digested, about an hour
  • If you are not feeling good after, take a walk. Hippocrates, the greek philosopher and father of medicine said that walking is man’s best medicine (woman’s too!)
  • Eat evil foods that are made with the most natural ingredients possible. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. I actually think regular sugar is better for you than most artificial sweeteners. (But whole cane sugar would be even better)
  • Don’t eat bad foods when you are stressed or not feeling well. When you feel good and healthy, you body can handle these things better. Carbs and sugar deplete your immune system

So there it is. It happens. We do eat things that are not good for us, just listen to your body and know when to stop.

Eat good foods before and after, don’t binge on bad food. Stay active, exercise helps the digestion, hormones and blood sugar to work better. And make sure that your are not coming down with a cold, stressed out or emotionally off kilter what your are not eating good things. And don’t let me catch you!

Then get back to eating right, soon.

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  1. Great to see you mention the importance of intuition when it comes to eating. My alter ego is known as Intuitive Foodie. I recently wrote a post with some detailed how to’s on using your intuition with food, check it out

    Also, my husband Paul has seen you a few times and raves about your knowledge! Thank you.

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