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You Inner Pharmacy has your health solutions!

You Inner Pharmacy

Your Inner Pharmacy has your health solutions

I have always believed that you can take charge of your health in a major way by adjusting your lifestyle (the way you eat, exercise and live you life). Dr. Robert Blaich, who introduced me to the holistic medicine concepts that I use today, wrote a book to show you how to take charge of your health. It explains how you can tap into your own body’s ability to produce the right chemicals to have health and wellbeing.

Your body is able to maintain it’s health on it’s own. You have an inner pharmacy which produces “good” chemicals that keep you healthy. These good chemicals reduce inflammation which is the cause of most pain, illness and disease. But sometimes, the pain can flare and would become intolerable, and these chemicals solely wouldn’t suffice for the alleviation. Many websites like come to the rescue of ailing patients when it comes to assuaging the pain, particularly of the back.

If you have an imbalance of the chemicals that your inner pharmacy produces you may have health problems like these:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Mood disorders
  • Arthritis

Why do we have a national health care crisis?

There is a major problem with health care in the United States. Do you know that 75% of health care dollars in the US are spent on chronic disease. These chronic diseases are causes by not eating right, not exercising properly and having high stress levels. Yes chronic disease is caused by bad lifestyle choices.

Do you want a nationalized health care system where 75% of the money goes to disease that is avoidable? Chronic diseases are things that you develop because your body is breaking down as a result of lifestyle. Acute disease is something that you catch like a bacterial or viral infection.

If you knew how to take care of you own health so that you would not have a problem with chronic disease, then the United States wouldn’t have a health care crisis. Your body can overcome these chronic diseases if it can function properly

How do you get these good chemicals for your body?

The raw building blocks for these good chemicals for our body comes from food. Often people are eating food that is causing a sensitivity and this in turn can cause inflammation.

Different people get different health problems from inflammation depending on their genetic predisposition. In some it may develop in the joints as arthritis, in some it may be in the heart, or as diabetes.

Foods we eat frequently can overload our body’s ability to process them. Refined foods and foods with additives and chemicals also cause sensitivities

Common rules of food sensitivities:

  • Foods that you crave
  • Foods that you eat daily

When you change your diet and rotate the foods that you eat for variety, you take away the source of inflammation.

To learn more listen to Get Fit Now Radio’s interview with Dr. Robert Blaich by clicking here.

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On Sunday October 9th, 2011 Dr. Robert Blaich will be doing a workshop in Portland, Oregon.

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Register at or call (800) 636-6913.

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