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As I was sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Portland today and educating myself about how to reach the masses via the “blog” while enjoying an organic americano. A “guardian” to a little boy, about 7 years old, pushes her way past my chair to fit in one of the smallest confined areas of the coffee shop (and practically sitting on my lap) while talking aloud on her cell phone and saying something along these lines, “Yes dear… little Jimmy and I went to Slappy Cakes for breakfast and had some pancakes and now we are in the coffee shop and he is eating a cookie”. And I realized again why I am starting this blog. To tell you about why Americans are fat, disease ridden, lazy, have “ADD” and have no motivation to do anything great with their lives. It’s because of our addiction to artificial foods. It’s because we eat sugar, grains, food additives, preservatives and food substitutes.

You know what though… It’s not your fault. And there is help! I am going to show you how to eat the types of foods that are good for you. I’m going to show you how advertising and marketing have led us astray. How large food conglomerates use “research” to lead us to eat “anti-nutrients”.

It’s easy to eat the right foods, to eat right. You don’t have to count calories, measure what types of foods you are eating and get the ratios right. You don’t have to go and find out what you blood type is to eat right. It’s really easy and I have seen so many people benefit from eating right that I became motivated to get out of my comfort shell to show you how to do it.

-Eat fresh, non processed proteins (meat, fish, eggs), fresh vegetables, and some fruit, in-between your meals. If you want to lose weight fast, cut out the fruit. It’s that easy.

About Dr. Robert Ciprian

Dr. Robert Ciprian is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, On the Board of Certified Teachers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a co-host on Get Fit Now Radio on www.cascadia.fm. For a nutritional consultation or holistic health treatment call 503-222-5509. For seminars and workshops go to www.cipriansystems.com.
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